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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Formed about 5 years ago as a piss around really, and to get us out of the house. The original line up was me, Beaker on vocals, Stoney on guitar, Cat on bass and big Mick T on the drums. Big Mick left after several gigs to serve a few years in the nick, so we got in Metal Ing. Then about a year and a half ago. Cat got bored and left, so we got in ex Anti System bassist Mick Knowles. Then Metal Ing decided he would rather stay at home with his pipe and slippers, so in came Belsen Dave. This has been the line up for the past year.


"All fired up" demo 1997
"Born on your knees" C.D. 1998
Various tracks on various compilations all over the place, I can't list them 'cos I'm not exactly sure what's been released where!

Describe your sound.

A bit of punk, a bit of Oi, and a bit of hardcore all thrown together! Definitely no ska though, as it takes a bit of talent to play that.

What are the main themes in your lyrics?

Beer, women trouble, beer, fighting, more beer and the destruction of the Rain forest in Ecuador!

Have you toured abroad, if so, what was the reaction like and how did the audience differ to UK audiences?

We've just come back from the U.S. supporting Murphys Law, and it was fucking great! We got free beer, free food and a hotel room every night. We didn't have to kip on peoples floors, we actually got beds. Differences in audiences there to here, well there was a lot of young kids over there 10 to 16 year olds, but really not much of a difference. Oh they had better suntans.

What do you think of the current crop of US bands such as Offspring, doing well in the British charts?

I think its good. It's better than most of the whining indie shite that's been clogging up the charts the past couple of years. And if it gets younger kids into punk, then it can't be that bad, can it?

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Beaker--"Ace of spades" by Motorhead
Stoney--"Attitude" by the Misfits (or any Misfits song)
Mick--"Religious Wars" by the Subhumans
Dave--"Y.M.C.A." by the Village People

Best night out in Bradford?

Any you can't remember!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Plans?, well we've a couple of new tracks on a compilation which should be out now! We've enough new tracks to record a new c.d., but not the money to finance it. We're touring England with Murphys Law in June, hopefully a couple of dates with Poison Idea in September, and anywhere else that will put us on. The 4 of us getting the time off work together is a pain in the arse.

Any final comments?

Yeah, the 10 track c.d. is available for 5 p&p from

866 Thornton Road
Fairweather Green
West Yorkshire

Anyone wants to put us on, put us out or just wants to give us shit get in touch with the address above or e-mail us at Lowlifeuk@aol.com

Thanks to Rebecca for the interview, and fuck all the people who don't like us 'cos we'll be around to annoy you for a good while yet!

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