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Los Paraliticos el'Sanitorium

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Formed in 93 by Tim Vs,I used to front a band in 77 called Tim Strange and the Strangers. There were not many bands in my town but two went on to big big later on that was 'DISCATTACK' fronted by a weasley little grammer kid QUENTIN COOKE aka NORMAN aka FAT BOY SLIM and there was 'THE CHEFS'fronted by PAUL HEATON aka Beautiful South. I then went onto form Darc Attix a Gothy/Punk outfit doing the dodgy clubs and bordellows hanging out with TV band The Mystery Girls and pre-SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK'ARS. Dropped out the music scene in the mid eighties. Got back into the scene after co-fronting CLASS WAR. Formed the current mob we had various line up changes including WURZEL he of MOTORHEAD gigged pretty much most places UK and Europe. The current line-up is Tim Vs-Vocals; Duncan-Guitar; Ian'UN-NORMAL Norman; Big Jon Ellraize-Lead Guitar; Rob Chester-Bass Guitar.




Why did you choose the name Los Paraliticos?

Well we did a concert in Spain and like many other bands if only they'd admit it we thought we the bollocks being abroad first time and drunk etc we were bollocks and the crowd let us know it. The promoter having seen us in the UK bollocked us and put us on the next day and the crowd loved it, we didnt hangovers etc, but on a display board outside some punks had sprayed our name out 'The Dogs' and put LOS PARALITICOS I loved it so much we kept it.

Describe your sound and what are the main themes in the lyrics?

Well definately a 77 style with mentallity of the Tubes and our spectres Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias and a pinch of Motorhead-ish. Lyrics, well unlike the trend we want people to hear the lyrics. Targets include Middle-class students,ex-girlfriends, politicians, sex and pretty much everything you confront day to day really.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Tim Vs:I cannot say just one, its gotta be White Punks On Dope-The Tubes,Space Junk-Devo,Complete Control-Clash.
Duncan:Pretty Vacant-Sex pistols
Big Jon:Anything by Fear Factory/Machine Head.
Ian:The Sound of Strangulation-Ian Norman

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

"something about the way you taste it makes me wanna clear my throat" Gut Feeling-DEVO

Do you think punk will rise again?

What a question - like most I dont think punks ever gone away but unlike the romantics who say 'punks never died'whilst wearing their studs and Exploited(no disrespect Wattie) t-shirts and never support the gigs,bands. I believe that its going to die unless the scene or more importantly some within realise that turning up to gigs so smashed they would'nt know or care if it was a bunch of monkeys hitting each other with biscuit tins. Punk became too politicised and as such it still exists today.Its survival is based on physical support not namedroppers or another megadose of commercialism. Punks have got to get behind the newer bands and clubs and the bands for their own benefit have got to stop thinking their too great, this is not 77 there is no need for competition enjoy what you do and let people enjoy you. Punk has taken everything to the extreme that why its so fucking unique so when you get these cunts who go on about Kurt Cobain and Green Day etc its just a case ones a commercial martyr at a time of nothingness and the other a safe band for the sons and daughters of middle fucking England a case of spike my hair go to university join the Labour Party move to Hampstead, fuckem.

If you could do a gig with any other 5 bands (past or present) who would be on the lineup?


Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Well Ive got my hands tied doing Punk Aid along with Noel,Charlie,Mark and Ray but we will be off to Germany and Czech to do the festival season and back to record the new album in August/September then Punk Aid. Then its back out to europe for our annual 2-weeker we want to do alot more around the UK.

Any final comments?

Rebecca thats about it I know certain bits are a bit long but there you go.

Contact the band....
20 Elton House, Candy St,Bow, London E3 2LJ