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Lower Class Brats- 2nd Interview

You formed 10 years ago, how has the progressed over this period and what are you most proud of?

Due to many different drummers and bass players that have come and gone over those years, sounds change. I
think the band has remained consistent in keeping their music strong as when they first started.

Which is your favourite Lower Class Brats release? And which track best sums up the band and why?

On every release there has been highlights, so it;s hard to say.

I think "Safety-Pinned and Sick" is what it's all about.

What does the term 'clockwork' mean to you?

You know life throws you curve balls all the time, so being "clockwork" means to keep things moving and hopefully most of the pieces of the puzzle fit. hahaha

How did your recent European tour go? And where are LCB best recieved?

Europe went really well. Varius Booking did an excellent job and kept everyone happy and informed. Everyone ate well and met lots of cool people, especially in Germany.

California seems to be a mecca of good taste! They love the BRATS!

What is the best and worst experience you have had on tour? And what bands would you really like to tour with?

Nights with a great set and meeting cool people always is a good thing. Running out of gas, being around wierdos and sketchy nazi types is not.

How have you seen your audience and scene in general change over the years?

Kids are crazy and now they are all on PCP and doing stuff like snorting petrol, but they like the L.C.B. so they can't be totally wrong!

What process goes into writing the lyrics and constructing the songs

Bones writes most of the lyrics, and thee rest of the band spits out the riffs.

Tell the readers 5 facts they will not know about the band?

One person is a high school teacher.
One person likes doo-doo.
One person is in love with safety-pins.
One person thinks he can fly like an eagle.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

Planning to play many gigs in North America, sign to a record label and work on a new album, and ... some other stuff, which I'm not allowed to speak about due to legal regulations. Ah... America.

Any final comments?

Yes. Punks on the streets!

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