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Last orders Interview


Please give a little background on the band and who is in it and how you got together?

Last Orders current line up is:

Slaz - vocals, and possibly the most handsome man on the London Oi! scene

Paul - bass player, and a good one at that. Not as handsome as Slaz.

Mark - guitarist, and a good one at that. Not as handsome as Slaz.

Graeme - guitarist, absent without leave. Not as handsome as Slaz.

Jim - drummer, fucking loud one at that. Not as handsome as Slaz.


The original line-up was completed about 2 months before our first gig in April 2010, supporting Anti NoWhere League at The Bridgehouse 2 in Canning Town, East London.


The name Last Orders was chosen during a very drunken night at The Bridgehouse 2 venue.

It seemed an appropriate name considering how pissed I was at the time. It had nothing to do with the Sparrer song. Top band though, one day they will make it to the big time.


From the original line up to the current line up, there has been 4 drummers, 3 guitarists and 2 bassists.

Since recording the cd, Mr Dangerous the drummer has moved on and now plays for Bakers Dozen and Tooled Up. Yoda the guitarist is on permanent house arrest.

At the moment the band is stable, even though we have a guitarist that has gone awol!

Last Orders has always been about having a laugh and not being too serious about what we do. If we were ever offered the chance of playing on a big stage we would treat it the same as any other gig, get pissed get up and make some noise as quickly as possible and get back to the bar!

What bands have influenced you over the years, and do you cover any of these bands?

Bands like Motörhead, Cockney Rejects, The 4-Skins, Superyob and Pressure 28,  The Last Resort, Argy Bargy, The Damned, Vicious Rumours, Combat 84, the list goes on. We all agree that we like the energy and aggression of that early Oi! sound. Although we say the above are influential, we don't set out to sound like any of them, if we do then that's purely coincidental.

We cover the Cockney Rejects' "East End" and The 4-Skins' "Chaos", we also cover The Bruisers' "Iron Chin" and Bonecrushers' "Hell". But hopefully with our own stamp on them.

There was a band in the 80's called Last Orders, is there any connection? What other band names did you think of?

No connection whatsoever

My take on the  current oi! scene is that it seems to run along the same lines to the class system. Ie big festival bands (equivalent to aristocracy) that have nothing to say that speaks to original oi! fans, down to those equivalent  to the comfy middle class who are pretty much socially acceptable to the mass, and then we have those from the street who stay in the street and sing about the street…. bands such as Last Orders (my fav type, so not ment as an insult). How would you describe the current scene in a few sentences?

I think that all of the bands under umbrella of Oi! exist in whatever style they play because they have an audience that want to see that style. Pretty much 'horses for courses'.

It almost becomes a similar debate as the difference between Oi, Ska and Trojan.

Everbody has a choice on who they want to spend their money on watching/listening to.

It does seem though that it has a lot to do with promoters and who they are willing to have a punt on.


You often put that you are looking for gigs, and do not get much response. How frustrating is that?  Are you tempted to arrange your own gigs?  Has it always been this way for the band?  

In the early days we supported Anti Nowhere League and Last Resort 2 or 3 times. They won't have us on the same bill as them now.  

The fact that none of the so-called big name bands will associate with Last Orders doesn't bother me cos I don't care,  there are bands out there willing to gig with us, and we have a laugh with them. 

It's all about the banter between the bands, and typically the audience are nearly always invited, so they tend to be mates or people we know who are genuinely interested in seeing us play.

There's a couple of well established bands out there that have members I've known for a very long time, they have all refused to share a stage with us.

To be honest, I like playing with the invited crowds that we have. I can have a laugh on stage and get proper pissed! As you witnessed recently!

We have promoted our own gigs in the past. I helped promote the St. Georges day gig at the Boleyn pub, The Monsters Of Oi! Pt 1&2 gigs, some of the Kid Slugger gigs, and a few others as well.

We get very few offers from other gig organisers, and when we do it tends to coincide with family/work commitments.

We are open to gig offers and would love to play outside of East London! We did one recently in Ramsgate which was really good.

We have played Bathgate, Scotland, Dunstable and Margate. 

If you could put together your perfect all dayer who else would be on the line-up? 

? Motorhead ? !

There's been a few bands over the years that have been happy to share the stage with us. So it would have to be any combination of Superyob/Franky, Pressure 28, Bakers Dozen, Code 1, FH33, Hooligan UK, IC1, Streetpunk Drunks, Close Shave, The Wrongdoers, The Kombatants, Queensbury Rules, Tooled Up, Stronghold, The Firm, theres probably others I've forgotten.

What is the most common mis-conception about the band? And any rumours you would like to set straight?

I often get asked if the band has a political agenda, the answer is no, although the social observations in some of our material could be deemed anti establishment.

There is a rumour that we are a serious band, I dunno who started that rumour, but if I ever catch up with them I'm gonna have words with them!

Have you are any more releases or gigs in the pipeline?

We have started work on some new songs. But we rehearse every couple of months. We all have family or work commitments, and that will always come first. Some of the band members work weekends, so we have to agree a date and try to stick to it.

The debut cd took about 2 years to complete due to that reason.

Not sure about dates on gigs at the moment.

What is each of the band members favourite release from the past 10 years?

Mark: Queensbury Rules - Bristol Elite

Mr. T: Skinfull - Love It Or Leave It.

Slaz: apart from Chas 'n' Dave's Greatest hits, it has to be Last Orders' Time Gentlemen Please!

Jimmy: My favourite release was my own a couple of years ago when they had to discharge me from the local mental health institution due to staff cutbacks. I've been ok so far but yr only as good as yr next batch ov meds 😲

(I do worry about Jimmy, too much time on his hands I think! - Slaz)

After getting Jimmy back into his padded cell, he started screaming, "any of the compilations released by 100% British Oi!", then we had to sedate him again.

Anything else to add?

Thank you Punk&Oi for showing some interest in Last Orders! We're hoping you'll consider us for your next gig promotion.

Thanks to Nick our 'manager', Karen 'the tour manager', our long suffering wives, and everyone thats come to see us, bought a cd or t-shirt, or bought us a drink. You make it worth doing.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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