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Koma Katz Interview

29/12/2006 - interview sent by Jonny Wah Wah

This is an interview with Ronnie,lead singer from the Koma Katz www.myspace.com/komakatz

Current line up :
Ronnie Lead Vocals and Sex Rock Hips
Craig - guitar
Rob - bass
no permanent drummer at the moment

Your a psychobilly band - fair to say ?

its fair to say we are heavily influenced by the Psychobilly movement of the 1980's but we also mess around with punk 'n' roll, rockabilly, blues, and surf stuff, whatever tickles our fancies really

Who are your influences musically?

Craig (guitar) listens to a lot of The Reverend Horton Heat, Rob (bass) is keen on Nekromantix, personally my main influences vocally are Mad Dog Cole of The Krewmen and Pip from Guana Batz

There is a re-surgence in the Psychobilly scene at the moment is it a healthy one ?

Probably not, the amount of booze and drugs those psychos pack away! There are lots of cool new bands about like Henry and The Bleeders, Hot Rocket Trio, Eva Braun and the Ghouls but also some decent bands who aren’t technically Psychobilly but are taking things in new directions like Scourge of River city and Judder and the Jack Rabbits

Whats the most important thing in Psychobilly, the music or the look?

The violence! Haha! The look is irrelevant! When I go to Rockabilly shows I think its cool how the old teds and rockers put a lot of effort in to their appearance, but at psycho gigs most people just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and get down to wrecking. I reckon it’s all about the music, I love British punk and American Rockabilly, so I wanna be involved in making this music.

Your live show is very energetic have you been influenced by any bands in this ?

I wanna be like all the entertaining front men I looked up to as a teenager like Elvis Presley, Lux Interior and Iggy Pop.

Why did you first wanna be in a band?
Where I come from in Didcot near Reading, there was fuck all for youngsters to do, which although clichéd to say, is the best environment for producing disillusioned teens that form bands, the only decent thing to come out of Didcot is the Frantic Flintstones. I used to travel to Reading to see local heroes like Glueball and Coffin Nails and wanted to be a part of it. I played in an Oi! Band called CBL for a couple of years, then I moved to Brighton and hooked up with Koma Katz.

What makes you wanna write songs ?

Sometimes I get ideas when I’m reading books or comics or watching films that I feel affected by and want to write about. Other times I just think of things that are relevant to my lifestyle.

You make films yeah? When we gonna see a video for the band?

I’ve recently filmed the pilot for a music video, I ‘m pleased with the results, but don’t expect to see a finished version until spring next year!

Who is the fittest girl in music?

I used to fancy Gwen Stefani a shit load, but nowadays she dresses and looks like a slutty wigger. I’d still fuck her though, just not in a nice way.

What's your favourite sexual postion? (rememember we did not do this interview)

Dog style, cos I’m lazy and can then lean on the wall or something without the bird noticing

What's the best gig you done so far ?

I’ve really enjoyed playing with some of my heroes like Meteors and Long Tall Texans, but my favourite so far has been this little gig we did in Norwich where the crowd was well drunken and up for it, we had a right laugh.

If you could play a gig in any country what would it be ?

I’d like to play to Saudi Arabia at Mecca on top of that square thing whilst they all walk around us all day in the hot sun. I’d demand a rider filled with alcohol and pork based products.

If you were Prime Minister for one day what law would you pass?

Rape is legal, if you can make her cum

If you could kill anybody who would it be ?

Anyone who ever crossed me

What's your favourite drug ?

I smoke a shit load of skunk, but to me that’s just like having a cup of tea, id say my favourite is the posh, but I cant afford to have it very often.

Who is your favourite Horror Character?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Renfield in Stoker’s Dracula. What attracts me to the character is the fact that although the professionals dismiss him as insane, he provides a huge amount of insight into the coming events of the novel. The concept of sanity is something that interests me, it seems like a vague abstract concept, but if people think you aint got it, you lose your rights as a human being.

Is England losing it's identity ?

Yes! And its pisses me off, the problem is that there is a stigma attached to the notion of being English. It’s as if we should be ashamed of our culture and heritage. Especially people my age, when you talk to them about patriotism they look at you like you’re a leper.

What was the best period for punk music 77-80 or 80-84?

Well although I wasn’t born until 1985 and was unable to experience these periods first hand, I must say I prefer the 80’s cos that’s when the world saw the birth of Psychobilly, Oi! And hardcore punk.

Would you love to have gone to the Klubfoot club like me ? ha ha !

You cunt! Yes I would! I have DVD’s of the old days, does that count?

What are the future plans for the Koma Katz ? !

We’ve just recorded four new songs which will be available on an upcoming ep called ‘Tough luck’ we’re also planning a split 7’ with Brighton punks ‘Slaughterhouse 57’ which we’re all really excited about.

All questions by Jonny Wah Wah of On Trial

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