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Klasse Kriminale

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

It was 1985 and after many attemps of putting on a Punk band I met Antonella; she was playing acoustic guitar and was very talented. She bought an electric guitar for children from her neighbour and we started doing reharsals together and changing bassists and drummers.... Punk was left out, Ska was forgotten and Oi! with all the skinheads labelled fascist. Welcome to the real world of Klasse Kriminale.... We've done many things...we had disappointments and satisfactions. We played with many bands that have also been my biggest influence: SHAM 69, ANGELIC UPSTARTS,BUSINESS, RED LONDON, RED ALERT... With not-so-famous bands like STAGE BOTTLES, KLAXON, US BOMBS... and young ones like THE PRAVATI, BRIGATA FLORENS MARGOT, PLASTINATION, ... My life has turned around KK with its low and high sides...I'm still here and the kids I met, the friends I lost and found are the only things I got...Punk changed my life. Music and the band have been a way to communicate what I was thinking.... Klasse Kriminale changed many line-ups... Today Klasse Kriminale are: Marco Voices, Matteo "Martini" Guitars, Emanuele Bass, Mauro Drums.


1987 "ODIATI & FIERI" Demo Tape (10 brani) HavinA Laugh (I)
1988 "COSTRUITO IN ITALIA" Singolo (4 brani) HavinA Laugh (I)
1989 "CI INCONTREREMO ANCORA UN GIORNO" LP (11 brani) HavinA Laugh (I)
1990 "RAGAZZI COME TU & ME" Singolo (2 brani) Bird Records (limited edition of 500, coloured vinyl) (F)
1991 "FACCIA A FACCIA" LP/CD/Cassetta (14 brani) New Rose (F)
1993 "THE HISTORY OF... Part. 1 (The Collected Hights 1985/1993)" LP/CD (16 brani) Nightmare/Knock Out (D)
1994 "I RAGAZZI SONO INNOCENTI" LP/CD (12/13 brani) Twins Records (I)
1995 "1985-1995 ORGOGLIO PER LE TUE PASSIONI" Doppio EP/MCD (5/6 brani) Knock Out (D)
1996 "FACCIA A FACCIA" Picture LP (14 brani) Knock Out (D)
1996 "CI INCONTREREMO ANCORA UN GIORNO/FACCIA A FACCIA (2 Original Album On 1 CD)" CD (26 brani) Knock Out (D) 1996 "LIVE/VIVO" LP/CD (15/20 brani) New LM Records (I)
1997 "CLOCKWORK ANTHEMS Vol. 1" LP (9 brani. Split con Time Bomb 77) Mad Butcher (D)
1997 "THE BEST OF..." CD (20 brani) Captain Oi! (UK)
1997 "RAGAZZI COME TU E ME" CD (29 brani) Banda Bonnot (I)
1998 "CI INCONTREREMO ANCORA UN GIORNO" Picture LP (11 brani) Knock Out (D)
1998 "MIND INVADERS Singolo (3 brani) Mutinied Sound (I)
1998 "ONE SIDE ONLY SINGLE Singolo (2 brani) Mutinied Sound (limited edition of 350) (I)
1998 "1985-1995 ORGOGLIO PER LE TUE PASSIONI" Doppio EP (6 brani/new cover) Knock Out (D)
(26 brani)
Carry On Oi! (P)
1999 "I RAGAZZI SONO INNOCENTI" LP (13 brani/new cover) Knock Out Records (D)
1999 "MIND INVADERS Singolo (4 brani/new recording/new cover) Mad Butcher (D)
1999 "I KNOW THIS BOY" CD (13 brani) No Co (F)
1999 "ELECTRIC CARAVANAS" LP/CD (13/12 brani) Mad Butcher (D)
1999 "ELECTRIC CARAVANAS" CD (12 brani) Impact Records (D)
1999 "ELECTRIC CARAVANAS" CD (12 brani) No Co (F)
1999 "ELECTRIC CARAVANAS" CASSETTA (12 brani) Rock 'N' Roller Edition (P)

1991 "OI! SIAMO ANCORA QUI!" LP (2 brani) HavinA Laugh (I)/DIM (D)
1991 "CHRISTMAS PARTY" LP/CD/Cassetta (3 brani) New Rose/Division Nada (F)
1992 "OI! ITS A WORLD LEAGUE" LP/CD (1 brano) HavinA Laugh (I)/Step 1 (UK)
1993 "KIDS ON THE STREET" LP (1 brano) Bird Records (F)
1993 "PUNTO ZERO N013/14" LP (1 brano + intervista) Toast Records (I)
1993 "THE ONLY SPIRIT, IS...UNITY" LP/CD (1 brano) S.P.E. (F)/DIM (D)
1993 "SKINHEAD TIMES issue 13" Singolo (1 brano) S.T.P. (UK)
1994 "PLASTIC BOMB issue 5" Singolo (1 brano) Plastic Bomb (D)
1994 "PROMO EP TWINS" Singolo (1 brano) Twins Records (I)
1994 "OI! AGAINST SILVIO" CD (1 brano) HavinA Laugh (I)
1994 "THE BRIGHT SIDE OF OI!" LP (1 brano) Street Kids (bootleg)
1995 "TRIBZ TO MOSTAR" CD (1 brano) A.R.C.I. (I)
1996 "OI! WE ARE THE BOIS" CD (3 brani) Bronco Bull Frog (SP)/Step 1 (UK)
1996 "OI! AGAINST RACISM" LP (1 brano) HavinA Laugh (I)
1996 "KNOCK OUT...IN THE 1ST ROUND"CD (3 brani) Knock Out (D)
1996 "QUELLO CHE SIAMO" CD (1 brano) Musica In Campo (I)
1996 "WAR IS INSANITY" LP (1 brano) Banda Bonnot (I)/Knock Out (UK)
1997 " CAUGHT IN THE CYCLONE" CD (1 brano) Cyclone Records (USA)
1997 "STREET PUNKERS SHANTY TOWN" CD (1 brano) Mania Records
1998 "R'N'R ANTHEM Vol. 1" Singolo (1 brano) Stay Rude (I)
1998 S.H.A.R.P. PUNK AND OI!" CD (1 brano) Bronco Bull Frog (SP)/Step 1 (UK)
1998 "ITALIAN SKA INVASION" CD (1 brano) Lilium Produzioni (I)
1998 "KNOCK OUT... IN THE 3RD ROUND" CD (1 brano) Knock Out (D)
1998 "WE'RE THE PEOPLE - A Tribute To Angelic Upstarts" LP/CD (1 brano) Knock Out (D)
1999 "A VOLTA AO MUNDO EM OI! TENTA MINUTUS" CD (1 brano) Rotten Records (BRA)

What are the main themes in the lyrics and what language are they sung in?

They talk about what we see every day...About life...That's Life... I sing in italian, my language, the most real and immediate for an italian Punk band......

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

We play "If The Kids Are United" the song that had more influence on me, for me its more than a song and I hope when kids sing along to it all together on and under the stage they believe in those words... We play "White Riot" as well, for me it says all about the real Punk Rock policy. Instead, "Angel With Dirty Faces" reminds me of when I were a fucking teenager and "Police Oppression" was one of the favourites between Punks & Skins Savona Beach Rockers 1980 crew.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

In my town there are a few bands Drunken Nuns (Oi!/Punk) and FIVE 0 (HC) and some old faces put on a Punk band LOCAL HEROES with members from Drunken Nuns, Sex Wax, Don Pacchi, Nodo & il suo Gruppo... They are working on an album and I think its gonna be pure dynamite. In Italy the scene is a bit quite, after a big moment in 1995... Anyway there are many young Skins and Punks and new bands...But its divided, there ain't communication...Lately we've been playing in small places with young and new bands....I think we should all restart from small and simple things to rebuild a strong and proud scene. I really believe in kids and i will soon produce a Punk compilation with the new promises, the new blood from italian streets...

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

Yes, we all do something for a living. Marco works in the Docks as mooriment, Mauro works as agent in a factory that produces changing pieces. While the two little bros Matteo and Emanuele are still studying.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Marco: "That's Life" all album SHAM 69....

Matteo "Martini Guitars": I listen to all kind of music so I don't have a favourite song... I tell you some: "Stir It Up" BOB MARLEY, "Gang War" MEMBERS, "Crying" SATRIANI....

Emanuele: "Woman In Disguise" ANGELIC UPSTARTS, "Police & Thieves" J. MURVIN

Mauro: "Run To The Hill" IRON MAIDEN.

What is the best gig Klasse Kriminale have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

In those years we haven't played in many gigs (about more than 100 gigs) and we've never been in the musician's routine , every gig was a mission, an aim...Every gig had something special...Everyone has been great. In those last months we've been playing in very smalls venues, far away from big towns..The objective is to see if there were some innocent teenagers interested in Punk....The things had its results. A few years ago the mission was to let and make people understand that Oi! and Skinheads were nothing to do with what mass media said, that Punk wasn't dead and every Oi! and Punk band were ready to play again. Today I think we have to break down all barriers, we live in a society that is killing us with boredom and optional...I WANT TO RUN WITH YOU...I want to survive in my own way with you... A lonely man is a dead man....The new enemies are INDIFFERENCE, APATHY, OMOLOGATION....

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

"ELECTRIC CARAVANAS" the album we recorded on December 1998 and produced by Mr. Jimmy Pursey SHAM 69 will be released on 13rd November 1999 for MAD BUTCHER RECORDS (Vinyl for the German and CD for Italian market), for IMPACT RECORDS (CD for German) for NO CO RECORDS (CD for France) and for ROCK'N'ROLLER EDITIONS (tape for Poland). These days we are re-recording a fist full of our old anthems that will be released for K.O.B. RECORDS, the album will be called "WHAT HAVE WE GOT? FUCKING PUNK ROCK!!!", this album is the collection of stage and studio favourites for the Kids of the year 2.000. We are thinking about 2 "BEST OF..." for Argentina and Brazil... We want to rock the world! Ahh...Ahhh!!! I want to keep on messing around before writing the word END.

Any final comments?

Stay Alive - Communicate - Create Energy - Start A Riot - Change the world - Do it...

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