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Please bring readers up-to-date with which bands you have played with and where you are now at musically?

Basically the last band I played with was the Strap-Ons from Norfork, Va. I did a West Coast tour in 2003, but from 1999 I played w/The Undead, (Nyc) The Strap-Ons( Norfork,Va.),The Mary Tyler Whores,(Ft.Lauderdale,Fl.) Human Buffet, (Miami,Fl.) The Pyshco Daisey's (Miami,Fl.) The Bellringer's (Miami,Fl.),The Hooples (Miami,Fl.), The Evil-Doer's (Miami,Fl.) The Kiddee Fiddler's (Hollywood,Ca.) Jersey Trash (Hollywood,Ca.) and I even played a few dates w/Misfits during that period till present.

Musically right now I’m looking to start a new project with Roxy Micheals (x-bassist for the Undead(Nyc), Marky Ramone and the Intruders(Nyc), Texas Terri Bomb(Hollywood,Ca.). Me and Roxy have been playing ever since we were w/The Undead he's the bomb bass player and guitar & vox. We putting together a real sleazy rock&roll sound with a dark edge!! I want people to dance , slam whatever!! I hate when music lovers just stand there and stare. That means as a drummer, if the fans are just standing around I’m not doin' my job!!!

How has your new cd 'Hell Bent For Horror Business' been received? And what is your personal favourite on

I really don't know! but everyone that's brought has gotten back to me and said it rocks. That’s not just from l.a, that' a from all parts of the country!!! I'm looking for European labels to pick it up so the world can hear it. It’s just released domestically. My favourite is the intro and the last last song. There’s 6 tracks that didn't get on, I was a little disappointed.

What other drummers do you respect?

Other drummers I admire are Corky Lang (Mountain),Don Brewer(Grand Funk Railroad), Bill Ward(Black Sabbath) Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Keith Moon. In my era Marc Bell (Markey Ramone) Jerry Nolan(Dolls), Michael Wildwood (D-Generation/Chrome Locust) Rat Scabies (The Damned), Paul Cook(Sex Pistols),Chuck Biscuits (Danzig)there's so many other's it's hard name them all!!!!

How was it working with Bobby Steal again in the Undead?

I think Bobby is a great guitarist and he can some pretty songs! But as a person he's a weasel!! He's as cheap as they come. He tries to get people to work for him for nothing, I don't play for nothing anymore. He’ll nickel and dime crew and production on records. That’s just one of the reasons I had a fight with him in Belfast, he says one thing and does another!! He kinda' lives in his little paranoid dream world! The band he had with Roxy Micheals and myself kicked ass!!!! He just wants the Boobby Steele show and not a band. I say fuck-em"!!!!

Did you keep in touch with him and other Misfits members over the years?

NOPE!!! the last guy I played with was Bobby, Danzig. I had words with him, Jerry, the used car sales-man of rock and roll!!! All of them with their ego's.

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