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Iron Cross


Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

I hate this question! Uhh.. we started in late '80 or early '81 we had about amillion people playing in the band. I was a skinhead. We hate nazis and always did. We did some records then we broke up. then we got back together in 2000. Now we tour and play and have a great time getting drunk a lot and having fun.

If you were writing a review about Iron Cross, how would you describe the band?

Real good loud punk rock done right! What else am I gonna say? Ha ha!

When have you toured abroad, if so, what was the reaction like and how did the audience differ in the different countries?

The reaction in europe was amazing, people really liked it and thye knew all the words and stuff like that. There were some really great bands like D.N.I, EK 77Sick Pack and of course we got to play with slaughter and the dogs in munich. They are so great and really cool guys too. Everyone we met in europe was great!

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Hank williams, the beatles in the cavern, the sex pistols early gigs like the 100 club one

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Me; beatles revolver album and david bowie space oddity 45 I was twelve.

Pugs; the year was 1980 the record was AC/DC back in black!! i was ten years old.the same year i discovered rock n roll i also discovered masterbation now at the ripe old age of thirty three i still can't seem to get enough of either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!das pugs!!!

Dmitri didn't have a first record. He grew up in moscow and they didn't have record stores. Apparently you took a cassette tape to a store and gave them a list of songs and they recorded it for you. Then you went and joined another line to get toilet paper. And shoes. And bread.

Knick doesn't remember the first record. Or rather I suspect he isnt telling!

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

I live in baltimore, maryland. An english friend of mine called it a cross between sheffield and hull. The scene here is real small but real cool. Theres a great skinhead crew here. Some real good bands too like Stout, the boom boom cats, and comin' correct. Baltimore is cheap to live in and there's 4 million bars here too!if you've ever seen a john waters film you know what baltimore is like.

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

We all work other jobs! We have to! Ha ha! I'm a carpenter, pugs is a carpet cleaner, dmitri is a house mover and a russian translator and knick is a cabinet maker.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

We need to get in the studio and record our next cd. We're supposed to do a split with Combat 84. On GMM records. Then we want to tour. And tour! And Tour. Especially europe!

Any final comments?

Tahnks to everyone for coming out to the gigs and giving a damn and being there!

dmitri. me. pugs. and Knick.
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