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20/03/2002 (interview with  Sam, Bob & Wally)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

SAM: Well, I knew Bob from the local Rock n Roll club scene up and down Preston and Wigan and that he'd been in bands before, but not for a while. So I managed to persued him to pick up the Bass again and join my new Rockabillyproject. This would be around Spring 1996. We did our first gig supporting a cheesy Jerry Lee Lewis tribute act "Great Balls of Fire" (never to be repeated!) Since then we've grown from strengh to strengh and drummer to drummer (3 now) Wally finally joined early 2000. In all this time, we've played the local pub circuit, the Psychobilly scene (with some of our favorates like the Meteors and Demented are Go), as well as venues in our own right. This year we've finally released an album 'Generation X-Rated'

BOB: Don't forget we've played overseas too. Holland Germany and America.

WALLY: And Plymouth!

SAM: And Grimsby!

BOB: Skegness, Kendal and Rhyll!!

SAM: Ok, thats enough, here we are then..............
Sam Woods - Lead vovals and guitar.
Bob Corner - Double bass and vocals.
Wally P. Parkinson - Drums and mood swings.


'Happy Pillz' (3 track EP) on Rebel Sounds MP3 site.

'Western star comp' (various artists) on Crazy Love records. (Track - 'The sky's the limit')

'Sympathy for the Devil' (Meteors tribute-various artists) on Raucous. (Track - 'Eat the Baby')

'The Devils Jukebox' (various artists) on Bonetone Corperation. (Tracks - 'Boys will be boys' and 'Get out of here baby')

If you were writing a review about the Hyperjax, how would you describe the band?

SAM: Well I'll have to blow my own trumpet now, aren't I? I'd say the band are ambitious, they love what they do; and thats part of the charm, you can tell that through the music and visually as a live band. Rockabilly Roots, psychobilly energy, punk stattistics, pop sensibilities, Rock n' Roll straight up. I'm not declaring we're first to do this, but we are unique version for this day in age.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

SAM: I played in a local Blues Quintet 'Crash the Ash' when I was 17. Before guesting a couple of times with Midlands Psycho band 'The Lost Souls'

BOB: Me and Wally played together in a Wigan Psycho/Rockabilly band 'The Muskrats' around 1989 And supported a young Kym of Hear'say fame.

WALLY: And the early Verve, not that we're both really proud of that fact. I then went on after the Muskrats to play in 'Attika' (indie/metal group)

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

SAM: Well you caught us on a good week, so mines 'With me little stick of Blackpool Rock' by George Formby (and his band)

BOB: 'The Blackbird' by The Wurzels

WALLY: 'Two little boys' by Rolf Harris (and his band)

SAM: I can't wait untill the influence rubs off on us, we're gonna be rich!

What does the term "psychobilly" mean to you?

BOB: A daft bastard with a big quiff, a subculture, punk, rockabilly and gore.

SAM: Horror Rock n' Roll, A tag we don't really want to get branded, because I don't write songs based that kind of theme, its not me. Don't get me wrong, I do like it. I think bands like The Hangmen and the Nekromantix do a great job musically and lyrically. They keep it fresh.
But I'm more about angst and emotiotion.

WALLY: It means 'lots of fun' to me.

Do you think psychobilly will rise again in the UK?

SAM: Who knows? The Tiger Army created a buzz when toured over here recently, so theres everychance. Its ashame its become a Parody

BOB: Who cares? We'll play for anyboby, anytime what ever the weather. We want to appeal to people from every scene. We want to be up there with the Living End. Why should we put ourselves in one corner? I do thank the Psycho scene for putting where we are already. But we're no ones toy to play with.

WALLY: I think if it does, it would probably come under a different name.

If Hyperjax were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

SAM: Absynth! Colourful, genuine,and whether you like us not, you won't forget us. We'll blow your bloody minds!

BOB: Been around for a while and only just being discovered, Oh, and Wallys got green blood, I think?

WALLY: How about 'banned in various haunts!'

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

SAM: Plans - To work and write our follow up to 'Generation' as soon as. Its allready coming on quite dandy. Gigs are coming in all the time so please check out the guide on our website www.thehyperjax.com

BOB: And we plan to release as many bodily fluids as possible!

Any final comments?

WALLY: When do we get paid for this?

SAM; Sorry Wally, I forgot to tell to you that your paying for the interview.

BOB: Take it out of petty cash.

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