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Hyperjax 2nd Inderview

What has been going on with the band since the last interview? Who is
in the band these days?

Sam - Myself and Bob along with two new younger yobbo's Cooley
(guitar/vocals) and Bundie (drums/vocals)

How did the current members meet and how did you get together?

Sam - We've known each other for years on the local gigging circuit when
the other two played in the The Short Cuts. When I saw Cooley jumping
around on stage singing "Ring of fire" i said to Bob how about we get him
in. Then Bob poached him before I did. Then when Wally quit we
automatically got Bundie in. Even Wally said we should too.

What have you done to celbrate a decade of the Hyperjax? Where do you
see yourselves in another 10 years?

Sam- We played a blinding 10 year anniversary gig in my home city of
Preston. I got my friends band The Dragstrip Junkies (local glam/ punk rock
band) to support us to keep us on our toes. Afterwards Cooley tried on his
birds dress to celebrate it. In ten years time I would like to be doing The Hyperjax as my full time job and live in and out Hotels and Tour busses for half the year around the world playing to buzzing crowds. Its a dream I have now as I did ten years ago, if it don't happen I'll still take the old transit van and carry my guitar and amp in the gig then play my guts out. I'll take the Charlie Harper train of thought forever while I'm in this game.

What changes have you seen in your audience and the scene in general
since when you first started?

Sam - I see alot of kids in major cities going all Psychobilly in their
image, its become a bit trendy now has'nt it?. Why not eh? Fads come and go
but the music won't change. I don't see as much drunken behavour anymore
like there was when I first started going to gigs. The older lot are getting
boring and the younger lot think they're too cool.

You have a new release out ' The Bottom Line' - how has it been received?

Sam: Its still being received, so far so good.

You self produced this album - why? Are you pleased with the sound? What has been you favourite Hyperjax recording and why?

Sam - Well interested producers are hard to come by these days, our last
producer Alan is always busy holed up in his new Western Star studio, so
probably next time with him, plus we had such a good feel arrangeing these
songs leading up to the recording it just seemed natural. I'm really proud
of this album despite the wait. My favorate recording is the next album I'm
about to work.

What goes into the song writing process and does it get easier or harder with time?
Sam - It gets easier and harder I'd say, I need to be inspired in something new with each song whether its in music or lyrics. I could never write a three chord cowboy in five minutes and then be proud of it. Brian Setzer once said "write every song as if it we're going to be a hit single" or something along those lines.

What are your thoughts to the internet music revolution?

Sam: I'm in favour of it alot, You tube/myspace has done wonders for unsigned bands like us. Its not going to make us a living, but it could
perhaps get us a gig in Cuba eh, who knows?

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.?

Sam: Would'nt mind doing a covers album as a bootleg or something we'll see, get to work on album three, but most of all to get on the road and knock out good honest Rock n Roll!

Any final comments?

Sam: Yep, Punks be thinkers not stinkers!

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