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Hung Like Hanratty Interview


Over the years you have had your fair share on controversy – what has been the most fun to cause and any you regret?

we have certainly had our fair share of shit. People were calling us every name in the book. These people had never seen us or even heard anything by us.

They haven't got the brains to realise the more they slate us the bigger we become. When these nob heads decide to come and see us, they actually enjoy our humour.

What do you say to people who are offended by your band?

we always ask what are they offended by ?

When they tell us, we always have a good answer. One bloke a few weeks ago went mad at our song about mobility scooters. But we explained its about people who abuse them, not the people who need them.

Do you think punk is still punk with all the pc stuff that surrounds it these days? How do you think the PC Police are effecting the scene?

I think the PC brigade are a bunch of wankers. I know loads of bands that are afraid to speak there minds in fear that they may be the next victim to the PC tossers. We say it how it is. We will never change. Fuck em all lol.

How would you describe the sound of the band? And which two bands would be .mother and father to Hung Like Hanratty band (ie which two bands come nearest to your sound/attitude) 

our band is first wave punk. We like to create songs people can relate to. We like to add catchy choruses. And finally make people laugh by adding humour in the lyrics. The 2 bands that influence Us Have had there own share of controversy over the years Stranglers, and pork dukes. 2 fucking amazing bands. .

Who writes the songs and is there anything you would not sing about?

we all take time to write songs. All of us have ideas and we try them out. If they work we keep them if they don't we bin them. We try to keep politics out of our songs. To us all government are wankers, liars, cheats , and hypocrites. We write about every day things people can relate to. Like picking your dog shit up lol.

What are your fondest musical memories?

that's a difficult one to answer. We have so much fun and laughs on the road, every gig is memorable. I fact we have some fucking insane times lol. All great memories.

What rumour would you like to start about the band?

that we all have 12" cocks lol

What planning goes into your gigs?

there is absolutely no planning what so ever. We don't have a clue what we are doing next. Each show is completely different. Start planning and I think it takes the excitement away.

What is the most surprising song each of the band members likes?

we all like clean up your dog shit. It's a laugh, it's fun to play, and always goes down well.

What is next for the band?

we have plans to do more gigs abroad. To keep playing gigs all up and down the UK. And to keep causing shit and mayhem wherever we go, in the true 1977 punk rock style how it was meant to be.

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