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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We formed in April 1999 , .We write all our own songs about life in general.In December 1999 Jamie our origanal singer left the band due to Family & work comitments beyond his control.So Dale took over on the vocals and the current line up is : Dale : Lead Guitar, Vocals. Becky :Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals. Sado : Bass Guitar . Groundsheet : Drums.


We have a 15 track self released cd `Pissed & Knackered` avaliable. We have a track `Two Faced Friend` on The Strength of a Nation , cd on Anthemique records. Which includes The Business, One Way System, Gundog,Major Accident. We are also to appear on a compilation cd done by Rich of Punk Shit zine & Dog Shit Sandwich,The cd is called Punk Shit vol 1 for more info email : rikmac76@supanet.com

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

We do play covers in our set from time to time, they are Tequila by The Champs, Smash The Disco`s, The Business. Teenage Kicks, The Undertones. Wonderful World, The 4-Skins. Oh I Love Her So, The Ramones.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Dale: Keep on Knocking/Toottie Fruitie, Little Richard
Becky: Voice of the Beehive
Sado: Embarrasment, Madness
Groundsheet :Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Dale: I would hate to be stuck in a lift with anyone.

Becky: The Southend Nude Commando.

Sado: The Girls from Hollyoaks but not that big girlie Tony.

Groundsheet: Ren & Stimpy

Name the best 5 releases of 99.

Dale: I can`t remember what was released in 1999.

Sado: not sure if they all came out in `99 but ,Retaliator, Order of Chaos. Misfits,Famous Monsters. Nuclear Anarchy P.L.C, Demo. The Business, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth. The Short `N` Curlies, For Fuck Sake.

Groundsheet: I can`t even remember 1999.

Do you think street music will rise again?

Dale:Are you talking about buskers?

Sado: I think the scene is slowly getting better i don`t know if it will ever get like it was in the 80`s but i hope so . It would help if more people supported the up and coming bands, Why not more up coming bands at HITS ? a stage could be set up outside for bands to come and have a go. I think a lot of people putting on gigs especilay in Norwich seem only intrested in putting on known bands not giving new faces a chance.


Describe your sound & main themes to your lyrics.

Dale: I dont know what i write about half the time.

Sado: I guess our music would be best described as Streetpunk our lyrics are just about our experiences and life in general.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

Dale: Someones birthday or something in September.

Sado: We are playing at The SAFEFEST Punk/Hardcore all-dayer on the 9th of September at THE THREE HORSE SHOES ,SCOTTOW near norwich for info email: safehaven@uk.dreamcast.com We also have gigs in Southend,Driffield,Scarborough and the Black Country Punx Picnic in the pipeline check our website and usall gig guides for dates when confirmed

Any final comments?

Cheers for the interview and support,Check out our website at : www.punkrockers.currantbun.com/hotwired We are currently looking for gigs/support slots so if you can help us out please contact us by email: becky@bootboy.free-online.co.uk By phone, Sado :01692 409830 or Nick 01603 755127
Keep you on a troshin ol` patner!!!!

Dale, Becky, Sado & Groundsheet

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