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Hotwired Interview


Please start by saying how the band has changed since the last interview?

Si: We've had quite a lot of line up changes since then with me being the only original member thats been in the band all the way through Dale rejoined a couple of years ago and the line up we have now is the best by far.

Paul: 7 years ago? I have been with the band since 2001 i must have missed the last interview, but since i have been with the band we have had a few line up changes, I think now we have a much harder and improved sound and almost make a proper band !

What have you learnt along the way? Would you have done anything different?

Si: There are some things i would have done differently but they're in the past now and best left there. Its been a struggle to get as far as we have as im sure it is for most bands but the patience and perseverance has paid off.

Paul: What I have learnt is that you have to be determined to succeed, reherse regularly, dont drink to much before a show ! Not sure about doing things differently we have had some great times in the band and seen many places i wouldnt have gone to here and abroad

How has your audience and the scene in general changed since you started?

Si: Well the audience has got bigger for sure lol and they take us more seriously ,I think the scene has improved greatly, there is a lot of young punks coming to the gigs and supporting the scene especially in Norwich which is great too see. I think festivals like rebellion, concrete jungle and the speedfreaks ball are a great help to the scene pulling everyone together, swapping band merch, fanzines,gigs, info and addresses ect.

Paul: i dont think the audience has changed much you still get a variety of ages at shows and people still like punk.

You see to be getting a good mix of gigs. How do most of them come about? And do you have any tips for bands just starting out?

Si: Paul gets us most of the gigs its been a lot of hard work constant phone calls, emails and sending out demo's it is getting easier now we're more
established as we get a lot of gig offers from promoters and venues.My
dvice to any new bands is patience and perseverance get a good demo
together and get it out to as many promoters and venues as poss and always
try to support the scene that supports you.

Paul: We get gigs by hassaling promoters, people seeing us play and offering gigs and others just contacting the website, for anyone starting out it is hard you just have to keep trying for gigs and get a set together that you can play well, and also record a demo to send out to promoters and set up a website if you can.

What has been your best and worst gig so far? Who would you really like
to tour with?

Si: Sceeching Weasel or the Ramones, but basiclly i would love to tour with
any band (any offers). There are so many great gigs but the ones that stand out for me are the ones at The man in the moon Cambridge its a great
crowd there, and our Romanian/Bulgarian tour the punks over there were so
enthusiastic and we were treated really well .

Paul: We have had a few shite gigs in the past with old line up's that was down to drink. The best gigs for me so far was at the Man on the Moon pub in Cambridge last summer and the other in a squat in Valencia. I wouldn't mind touring with anyone dont really have anyone particular in mind.

Lyrically and musically what influences Hotwired - and what is the best compliment you have been given about the band?

Si: Basically its just experiences in our lives and society that influence our lyrics, we try to add some humour too. We've had some great compliments including ...."Old school binliner punks who are destined to fester on the dole for ever and ever, while they wait for the next punx picnic to come around - for all you blitz/subs/motorhead/rejects scum everywhere- you know you want it"
and "It is hard to imagine punk music coming up with anything original a
good 20+ years after the fact. Bands come and go, evolving into different
sounds and dying out when punks begin traveling other, more conventional
roads. Some of us have resorted to expecting the old bands that stiill
tour like The Damned and The Buzzcocks to hand deliver the definitive punk
sound. There is hope, however, in the form of Hotwired's "Make It Count"
CD, which breathes life into punk by simply delivering the sort of sound
that has defined this genre."... You can check out all the good and bad
reviews on our website at www.hotwiredpunk.co.uk

Paul: I guess i am partly influenced by the old eighties punk bands that i have listened to and still do listen to, the best compliment i have seen was in a Scottish fanzine who said we were one of best UK street punk acts, this made my day.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed
to get into a song's lyrics?

Si: Thats a hard one but ive always liked this one ..."A horde of maladjusted miscreants all pumped and primed, just what could possibly be limping through your one track minds?"...You're the enemy-Screeching Weasel

Paul: I have a crap memory i can never remember lyrics i cant even remember the chorus's for our own songs off the top of my head luckily they just come to me when we are playing.

What are your thoughts on the internet revolution?

Si: I think the internet is a great thing it makes things so much easier.

Paul: The internet revolution is a brilliant thing for the music scene it can open up the whole world to you from your home, you can promote your band to anyone in the whole world and can contact many people within your scene

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.

Si: The plan to gig as much as poss and hopefully start on new material for a new album We've got some great gigs coming up which you can find on our websites.

Paul: Our plans are to do more gigs and hopefully record some of our other songs that aren't recorded yet and perhaps tour abroad again if the oppurtunity arises.

Any final comments?

Si: remember people support the scene that supports you , Cheers for the great interview.

Paul: Come and check out Hotwired.

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