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The Grit Interview


Please introduce the band, describing your sound and who is in the band these days?

The Grit is ... Big lou (vox / guitar) louis ville (guitar / vox) and little man kurt (double bass) we describe it as punk n roll, and others compare a mix somewhere between the clash and the stray cats.

You have had various line-up changes in the 4 years since you started - do you now feel you have a stable line-up?  Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Well to be fair, we aint had many line up changes really.  When the band started 5 years ago, it was just me and big lou starting writing songs, ideas and shit like that, very early foundations of the band. We looked for drummers, bass players and went through quite a few of em, but that was just the band taking shape.  Realisticaly, the band as people know it began 3 years ago when kurt and gaff joined the band. 

That was the real line up that built this band and made records and stuff.  Very recently though, gaff (drums) has left and robin guy (the business, rachel stamp) is on the drum stool.

If you could take a vocalist /  guitarist /  bassist /  drummer from different band to join the grit who would you ask to join?

I dunno, thats a daft question cos you can't really fuck with the elements and expect it to work better or the same.  As i mentioned we don't have a full time drummer so maybe we'd pick dave grohl or someone who's shit hot like him behind the kit.  Ringo starr!.

Punk & oi is called so as i could never choose between the 2 music genres, are you the same with punk, rockabilly and psychobilly?  Do you see yourselves being pulled down one musical genre than another?

No we play whatever we want.  The band is punk rock at the core, but we've got the big bass and we like a bit of rockabilly, psycho, ska etc.  But we honestly don't try and write in any style or whatever, we'll play whatever sounds good to us and try and make it work

How has your cross over sound helped and hindered?  And what are the bands influences?

Influences range from rancid to fats domino, really!

It has helped i suppose, we've played on some strange bills, but people from a wide range of scenes seem to appreciate the band, so i guess it has helped that theres more to it than one set style.

Where does the inspiration come for the lyrics, and what goes into the song writing process?  What track are you most proud of and what is it about?

We tend to write politically, but in a ham fisted way.  We're not politicians or people with degrees and all that shit, so we can only write what we see and live, so a lot of it is personal politics, you know? I don't mean right wing, left wing, tory labour bollox, i'm talking about stuff that effects our lives.  Hardships and that, thers no telling people to believe this or that, i hate that shit, personally.

Why did you choose the name the grit, and did you realise there was a glam band of the same name in the late 80's early 90's?  What other band names do you rate?

I had no idea there was a glam band of the same name! We chose the name as a describing word for what the songs were sounding like when we wrote them and the way we wanted the sound to be.  Also cos we, like many others especialy in the punk scene are at the rough arsed end of society and it seemed fitting name for the way we are living.

Describe the music scene you belong to at the beginning of the 21st Century

A mix of punks and rockers really, with a few skins thrown in for good measure! Theres punks everywhere, and always will be, but we see more and more younger psychobillys and rockers everytime we go somewhere, the scene seems to be really growing, and there are some great punk n roll bands around.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2006/2007.

We are on tour right now in october, and we're doing a tour in finland in november. We'll definately be doing a london date in mid december as well, we haven't played london for six months, for some reason!

Our new album will be out on people like you records in march 2007, with a uk and european tour as well

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