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25/11/2002 (interview with John Rob)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We started in the mid 90's. We just wanted to make a band were we could just play and make a fierce racket! an excuse for a wild mosh pit and right some rightous punk rock songs!

I've been into punk rock since 1977 and have always played in bands , written for music papers, produced records and even done a TV series on punk (The punk years shown on Play UK this year). We have recorded three albums 'Home Turf' 'Gold Blade Drop the Bomb' and 'Do You belive In the Power Of rock n Roll' This year we changed line up getting two brilliant new guitar players in to replace the old guitarist.



Soul Power / Dirty Hips / A Little Terror Is Good For The Soul 7" vinyl limited edition
Black Elvis / I Love The City / Lord A' Mercy CD Black Elvis / Ghosts Of The Distant Past 7" single, clear vinyl (1000 only)
Strictly Hardcore / Sharp And Angular / Sticks And Stones CD
Strictly Hardcore / Dirty Hips / Bad Day In Hell CD
Strictly Hardcore / Snake Style 7" single, pink vinyl (1500 only)
Not Even Jesus / Shake, Shake, Shake / Death Of The Blue Eyed Soul Brother / Brother John's Oxford Union Rant CD
Not Even Jesus / Strictly Hardcore (FU 11 Mix) / Not Even Jesus (Papa Mantra Mix) CD
Not Even Jesus / Strictly Hardcore (acoustic) 7" vinyl (2000 only)
16 Tons / Gold Blade Make Me Wanna Fuck / King O' The North CD16 Tons / 4 Real 4 Ever 7" vinyl
Hairstyle / Hairstyle (Why Don't You Rub It In My Face? - Black Box Recorder Remix) / Hairstyle (Body 2 Body - Close Shave Version - Black Box Recorder Remix) CD
Hairstyle / Mohican 7" vinyl
AC/DC / We Don't Care / Good Taste Is the Enemy of the Revolution / Lost, Lonely and Vicious CD

Home Turf (1997)
Strictly Hardcore / Soul Power / Genius Is Pain / Soul On Fire / Feel My Disease / Fastest Man Alive / Jackknife (Meet Thy Saviour) / Black Elvis / Not Even Jesus / Hail The People / Long Slow Fuck / Downtown (Greed In My Soul) / Saddest Song / Canal Street Breakdown / 5 True Believers

Drop The Bomb (1998)
Home Turf / (R U Ready 4) The 21st Century? / Living Outside the Capital / Rock ' n ' Roll's A Loser's Game / 16 Tons / Nu Soul warriors / Hairstyle / Glam Rock Star / Let's See Those Hands / Float Like A Butterfly / Dream The Vicious Dream, Baby / Carbohydrate Of Love (L.U.V.)

Do U Believe In the Power of Rock n Roll? (2002)
Do U Believe In the Power of Rock n Roll? / Who Was The Killa? / AC/DC / Kiss My Ass / This Powerful Intoxicant Known As Love / Mutha Fukka / Punk Rock! / Panic Attack / Uranus / Square Peg In A Round Hole (Every Prophet Must Get Stoned) / What A Life / Little Baby Satellite

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what? And if you could play in any band, what would it be?

Me and Brother Keith used to play in the Membranes (www.goldblade.com/membranes). We spent most of the eighties making a fantatsic racket and played all over the world! The only band I'd really want to be in is this one. Sometimes when its all kicking in the raw power feels amazing.

Describe your sound. and the main themes in the lyrics?

We play high energy punk rock with tons of tunes. We like loads of different sorts of music so there are lots of off the wall influences but it all gets played as adrenalised punk rock, the songs have to make us want to go wild onstage otherwise there is no point in having them in the set...the lyrics are about eveything life, love, war, hate, Elvis, going down on a girl, punk rock, being in a rock n roll gang, sex, clothes, style, and the usual punk rock politics-anti war anti greed etc...

What is the best gig Goldblade have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

The festivals are alwys great- this year we played Glastonbury and Holidays In the Sun which just about covered both ends of the spectrum! HITS was great fun, really enjoyed the Dead kennedys and The Subhumans...it was a really good social and it was cool to be back in Blackpool (where I grew up-great punk scene in its day- One Way Systemn and The Fits etc) the support of the Pistols at Finsbury park was cool as well...but nearly every gig we play feels great wether its a shithole pub or a massive festival stage-they all rock from where we are!

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

"The new groups are not concerned
With what there is to be learned
They got Burton suits, ha you think it's funny Turning rebellion into money..."

pure wisdom from Strummer...

What is the punk & oi scene like in your area?

I live in Hulme in Manchester and there a lot of punks in this area, I guess its leftover from the days when it was all squats, most of the area has been knocked down and rebuilt but a lot of the punks are still around (still with the same dogs!) most of the punk gigs are at the star and garter just by Piccadilly station...

What are the best 5 releases of the past 12 months?

Queens Of The Stone Age, Damned Anthology, Discharge, Semtex, Anti Flag, Fugazi

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002/2003.

We're going to put a single 'Who Was The Killa' out in March and tour the UK and Europe at that tme (any offers get in touch with the website www.goldblade.com). The album is coming out in Brazil in two weeks and we will be touring there and then onto the USA when it gets released over there... We are playing sveral punk rock festivals as well and we aim to play hard and kick ass at every gig and meet as many people as we can in the punk rock community!

Any final comments?

If you want more information on us go to our website www.goldblade.com and, er Vive la Revolution!

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