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06/06/2003 (interview with Jonny)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band formed a few years back with a guy called called Lee who was the original singer. Lee unfortunately died - RIP. He was replaced by Matty who ran away to join the circus, in stepped Jonny Wah Wah previouly with Emergency to complete the line up of Tim Lane Guitars, Rob - Drums and a guy called Clive who seemed to start turning up at rehearsals after a load of bass players that didnt work out came and went , nobody knows if he is in the band or not but always does the job!


7" single "Millenium Dome " on Bombed out records "Skate to Hate" cd single on Bombed Out and soon to be released "Freakshow" single/video also on Bombed Out.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what? And if you could have anyone join the band (live or dead) who would you go for?

Tim has been in White Speed , DF118 and variuos dance combos. Jonny has been in Emergency, Raw Reality, Ceed and Pell Mell. Rob has been in A, a Black sabbath Tribute band and PUnk Floyd, Clive has been in Cognito, Limbo and rehab.

Tim - Jonny Cash
Jonny - Noel Gallagher
Rob- Dave Gilmour - pink floyd guy - is that how you spell it?
Clive - Justin Timberlake
Cheers Jonny

Where does the name Gluball come from and what other existing band names do you rate?

Its a subatomic particle which is made up of Gluons which together form protons and neutrons of the atom - gluons bind themselves to form lumps of pure energy - known in the trade as GLUEBALLS. Other band names we rate, Death By Stoning and Kill My Mom Slowly.

What is the best and worst gig you have done? And what is the funniset thing that has happened whilst touring?

Best gig for me was Manchester Roadhouse with Flogging Molly cos the crowd held me up whileIi kicked the ceiling in! (Jonny). Funniest moment was Tim jumping out of the van barefoot in the morning as we were parked in an illegal bay and he landed first in my piss and then jumped into my puke he then drove us still drunk 2 miles to find an legal parking space not knowing there was one 2 yards away! Also trying to throw a tv out of a closed window at a hotel and it just bounced back and nearly broke my foot! Also pissing in the lobby oh theres too many!!!

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Tim - Speed Slave - White Speed
Jonny - Mouth Breather - Jesus Lizard
Rob- Comfortably Dumb - Pink Floyd
Clive - You Keep Me Hanging On - Diana Ross

What is the strangest thing that has inspired your lyrics, and what are the main themes?

Strangest thing is the thought "Can a grown woman truly love a midget", inspiration for "Freakshow". Main inspirations for songs are hate, depression and anger - nice bunch aint we!

What is punk scene like in your area, and what can people do to make it better?

In Reading its pretty shit but overall in the Berkshire area its great. Main thing to make it better is too stop the old school punks from going on about how great the eighties were (the time not the music) cos it was shit!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

Releases see - above.
Loads of gigs coming up check www.glueball.biz - just wanna gig as much as possible and get the video played everywhere!

Any final comments?

Love us or Hate us we are coming for yer!!!!!!