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The Gits
10/10/2002 (interview with Patyk)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We started 10 years ago (anniversary!) in Lublin - the biggest city and capital of the Eastern Poland. We started as SUROWA GENERACJA (SEVERE GENERATION) and with a dtffrent line - up.

Today I'm (Patyk) the last original member.
About 4 years ago we decided to change our name into THE GITS, 'coz of the fact that S.G. was to hard too remember for some people outside our country. It's a bit funny story that there in the States is some punkband with the same name. Our name comes from Polish street slang and we have no idea what the word means in English (could you help us?).

As for today we have played many gigs in our country unfortunatelly only one outside Poland. It was in Belgium in the famous Oi! Pub DE KASTELEIN with THE MIGHTY DOGS from The Netherlands.

Today we are: Patyk - vocals/guitar, Vania - guitar, Young Patyk - bass and K.F. - drums.


'95 - "Skinheads" - compilation tape - Fan Rec., Poland
'96 - "Wojownicy Ulicy" - full tape - Fan Rec., Poland
'97 - "Rock Przeciwko Komunizmowi" - compilation tape - Hard Rec., Poland
'98 - "We Will Never Die! Vol.1" - compilation CD - Nordisc Rec., The Netherlands
'98 - "Nie Jestes Jednym Z Nas" - full tape - Fan Rec., Poland

'99 - "We Will Never Die! Vol.2" - compilation CD - Nordisc Rec., The Netharlands
'00 - "Never Say Die vol.2" - compilation CD - Sick Mind Rec., The Netherlands
'00 - "East Side Stories" - full CD - Nordisc Rec., The Netherlands
'00 - "Chuliganski Trud" - full tape - Fan Rec., Poland
'02 - "Papierowa Dziewczyna" - full tape - NSR Rec., Poland
'02 - "Gits & Guts" - full CD - Nordisc Rec., The Netherlands
Very soon - "Papierowa Dziewczyna" - full vinyl - Camden Town Rec/Bords De Seine Rec., Spain/France

Describe your sound & the main theme of your lyrics?

So, I think that some other people should describe us, but OK. We play pure Oi! As our fave bands - we ain't original HaHaHa! I've seen there in some zines an opinion that we are "Polish COCKNEY REJECTS". As far as our lyrics: We aren't into politics too much, we sing about good and bad things aroun us. We have patriotic ana anti - red spirit. All the lyrics are for ordinary people by ordinary people with a dose of alcoholism, hooliganism and sexism HaHaHa! Because of all these things we are something like CONDEMNED 84,COMBAT 84 or SECTION 5 - the PC pussies and left - wing wankers hate us J. The main theme could be: "Keep your flag high and be proud as a pickcock!" or maybe better "666 + 88 = THE GITS" HaHaHa!!!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Yes we are always playing "Wojtek, Wojtek…" by B.T.M. (this song is there on "Gits & Guts" CD too) and "Chaos" by THE 4 - SKINS (this song is there on our our 1st full tape, in Polish). Sometimes we're playing some other covers as well.

What is the Polish scene like, and did the end of communism change things?

There in Poland you can find many good bands, both Oi! & RAC, we are not interested in the ska scene. The best ones: B.T.M. (the legends of Polish Skins), BARANKI BOZE (another legends), LUMPEX '75 (new Oi!), PO PROSTU (crasy Punk 77), RAMZES & THE HOOLIGANS (famous Oi!/Punk), HONOR and KONKWISTA 88 (classic Polish RAC), REZYSTENCJA (hard Oi!) and many more.

We have some problems with the gigs, you know, all cops are bastards, they don't like us J.
Last time we have also some new fashion - PC Oi! scene. They have been Skinheads for 3 years and claim that they are the last true Skinheads. PC Skins, ain't it sounds funny? Skinheads with a scouts, point of view HaHaHa!

As far as the end of communism.Only two Polish Skinhead bands existed in those times, B.T.M. and BARANKI BOZE. Anyway all the Polish bands are bloody minded anti - communist. Left - wing regime is the worst shit in the world. You can check what the system has done with our country there in our songs "Product Of Poland" or "Wojtek, Wojtek…" from "Gits & Guts" CD. It's so sick that some people from the Western Europe are singing about Lenin, Stalin and some others bastards as about the heroes, they have never seen the real socialism and porerty.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

All the classic bands like: THE REJECTS, THE SPARRER,THE 4 - SKINS, SKREWDRIVWER, LAST RESORT etc. The best bands of today: SUPER YOB, CONDEMNED 84, RETALIATOR, THE PRIDE, ULTIMA THULE… I would like to see THE GITS too - our drummer's been there in your England for a few months. I must tell you that I've seen THE BUSINESS there in Poland and it wasn't nothing special. Of course "Out In The Cold" or "Suburban Rebels" almost killed me but they were something like pop stars. They stopped the gig 'coz Micky Fitz lost his necklace, he told that some Polish fan stole it from his neck. I don't know if it is true or not. So, I still love their songs J.

What was the last gig you went to, and was the band any good?

It was a gig in Gdansk, we were invited there but we didn't play at last 'coz the organizers were too short of cash for our travel (500 kms) and hostel. Anyway, I went there as a visitor, a nice gig I was drunk and don't remember too much but the best there were WOLNE MIASTO GDANSK, a local RAC band. There played some band from Slovakia but I don't remember them HaHaHa!

If The Gits were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

No doubt, the best Polish export "Pure Polish Vodka - 40%" and the best Lublin export "Perla Beer - 6,5%". Poland - Alcoholand!! Why? Just because we're from Poland and from Lublin City - tradition! I remember that I've read somewhere that the members of CLOSE SHAVE are fans of Polish Vodka, they are right!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002/2003.

Soon our vinyl LP will be ready thanx to Camden Town & Bords De Seine. It's a Polish version of the CD "Gits & Guts". We are proud of this 'coz we are the 1st Polish Skinhead band who will release a vinyl LP, there have been some SPs or EPs but this is the 1st LP . Probably very soon we'll a recording session for our new album entitled "As Pure As Vodka". This time we won't be cooperating with NORDISC Rec. 'coz Robert put all his money into a new CD of SECTION 5 (I can't wait for this album!) and Serbian POTRES. We cannot wait and Robert as our good friend found a new label for us. Now we are talking about our new material with Steve from an American label called RAC Rec., and it's important today.This CD will be even better than the last one, believe me!

Any final comments?

Thanx a lot Rebecca for interest in us! Don't forget about our band. If some of you never heard THE GITS you've made the worst mistake in your life HaHaHa! Greetings to all the guys who are looking at the screen now!

If you wanna know something more just write: thegits@interia.pl or The Gits, ul. Koncertowa 7/172, 20-843 Lublin, Poland.
Patyk & The GITS !

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