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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We first got together in late 1979 with the line up of;

Sean lasted for two gigs then left, Ross was installed less than 24hrs later. Wilf got married to a dodgy bird from Texas and left. Kai joined we had met him while touring in Europe. He was in a German band called Napalm, he left about 4 years later. We were going to get Scott in but he had just joined Bomb Disneyland, so we got Joe we had also met him while touring in the US. He had played for Agnostic Front, again he was with us for 4 or 5 years until we sacked him for various offences. Meanwhile B.D. had split up so we got Scott in. He's been with us for about 6 years and there is no escape for him.


See website for details.

What is your favourite bit in the bands history and why?

It's always been good I don't have any particular favourite, the future perhaps.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Favourite songs;
Colin--------Search & Destroy--Iggy pop
Jock---------New Rose--The Damned
Ross---------Deck of Cards--Max Bygraves
Scott-------Police Truck--Dead Kennedys

Do you prefer watching, or playing gigs? Why? And what was the last band you went to see and were they any good?

I like doing both and we always have bands playing with us, the last band I watched was Striknien DC from Dublin - they were fuckin' brilliant.

What question would you like to be asked in interviews, but you are never asked? And what is your answer?

Q. Where do we send the cheque!
A. Make it out to G.B.H. and send it to me.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Colin--------Little Willy--Sweet
Jock---------The Funky Gibbon--The Goodies
Ross--------Mud Rock vol 2----Mud
Scott-------Floggin' A Dead Horse--Sex Pistols

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

I'm a bit of an anorak when it comes to lyrics, one of my favourites is by Iggy Pop from a song called "Eat Or Be Eaten" it goes-------

The night is dark, the night is pulp, tilt back your head and take a gulp
Of air thats screamed a thousand times the main thing is to victimize
And its just the night for a conquering tribe.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

We are currently doing demo's for a new album, we're doing three songs for a split c.d. with Billyclub, and are doing a track for the next punk rock jukebox. We do a European tour in December and are looking into plans to go to Oz \ NZ in 2000.

Any final comments?

Keep up the good work, I know how time consuming computers can be and I'm only a novice.