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25/04/2006 - interview by Lisa Husk

Did any of you ever loose heart for the band because most people left?

No we have never lost heart. 26 years and counting.

Did Sid Vicious or Kurt Cobain’s death effect the band in any way e.g. type of music?

We felt sorry for Sid, it seemed when the pistols split, he was manipulated by Mcclaren. Having read a few books about the pistols it seemed he was a harmless kid really, a bit stupid at times.

Why and who came up with the bands name?

No one can remember.
We just woke up one morning and we had the name!

How long do you plan to stay in the punk music scene for?

Forever and a day!

What band do you most like working with on tour?

Any band as long as they are good people.

What do you all think on the “new wave punk”?
It’s alright, but it’s a bit phony and corporate.

What gets the band motivated before going on stage?

The thought that the people, who have come to see us, have paid good money and deserve to see a good show.
Any last comments?

If anyone pisses you off, you should walk a mile in their shoes, then you would be a mile away from them, and you would have their shoes!

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