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You have been going for almost 5 years. How did you all get together in the first place and why decide to form the band?

Well, our story it's preety weird, many line-up changes, but i have to go back to 1999 to tell you about the beginnin' of this band I came from an island called Mallorca at the east-side of Spain...Mediteranean sea, and as many now me and the frontkick former singer (Victor Bisonte) were playing together in a band called Oi! the Arrase, after four years of story we splitted-up and i moved to Berlin...which was a great effort psychologically and socialy, because palma, my hometown was such a small town i got mad there, and well...once here Victor decided to follow me and start a new project...meanwhile i was playing in the punk-band Smally Family (great name ain't it??) but i had in my mind doing something more accord to what i was listening to and my roots, i already had the name Frontkick when Victor arrived here and he definetly loved it, so we starte doing some sessions with a bunch of freaks 'till we found the two that were most similar to us, Veit (still our Drummer) and Rassel (former bassist), so I did my stuff with the guitar and Victor just kept screaming and shaking his pounds across the stage as he was used to do, we recorded a demo and a 7" and toured across Germany with a bunch of bands and some punk-dinosaurs! untill when were working in our first record which was supossed to be called "Outlaw", and Victor decided to leave the band, the same as rassel, so stephan a friend of us decided to join us and we recorded that "Outlaw" now called "guitars and Crime" as a three-pieced band, and me carrying on with the vocals...well, a bunch of tours and a split single with our friend from Voice of a generation, made us
decide to try some guitar-players to play the rithm guitar, and hardy H. from the recently back then splitted-up "Scattergun" decided to join us, Scattergun has been also the band of my Ex-wife, Patti Pattex (Singer)...whatever...we did a bunch of shows across Europe and a great tour with One man Army, which was the best tour we did so far...a pitty that we didn't hit England...and afterwards we starte working on more songs for our forthcoming record " underground stories", well, did you wanna know what was the reason...right, hehe, well the reason is that i didn't wanna miss the chance to live all that!!!

What bands did you listen to as you grew up and how do the influence show in the music? Do you often get compared to any band?

well, my first punk record was the first "Clash", and the second was "Toy Dolls" i guess the punk's not dead of Exploited was also one of my first records, i use to listen a lot of diferent types of music, 77, 80's punkrock , some Oi!, and even some hardcore from the states, but mostly, what i love are bands like generation X, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash (#1!!!), the Jam, the chords and a long etc...nowdays i listen a lot of new bands that do kinda that sound...such as: One man Army, Beltones, Briefs, the Spits, and I listen a lot of US punk like Rancid, US Bombs, the Hunns, whatever, everything i listen to becomes an influence, not just what i listen to, also movies, or just what i see in the street or what i live day by day...poetry...life is the biggest influence...and also the best school for a young punk growing up...We get compared to many bands, but actually i don't give a damn, we sound just like we sound and, what the people say...whatever

Your new release comes out in September. What is your favourite track on there and what is it about?

Well...there are some favourite tracks on this one, personally I love Dead and Gone which talks about my fucked up story in a really pesonal way, i love 36 Guns which is about my neighbourhood and the people that are part of the frontkick scene (36 GUNS) and well....the people that is around in Kreuzberg 36's nightlife, I could't tell you about a favourite song, because any single one has a very special and close relationship to me

How did the video '36 Guns' come about and did you have fun making it?

The Idea of making a Video we have it since our last record...but, 1st...the sound wasn't that good, and 2nd who the fuck are this morons to come up with a video-clip, right now we thought that it would be funny to do it, and actually it was just like this, a lot of fun, and bunch of outtakes...lol! it will be included in our Cd, is just a low budget one, but we're planing to save some money and do another one for the song heartbreak hotel in the near future...YES, we liked the experience, it's kinda being an actor for a day or two, but of course playing the role of yourself which is kinda easy.

What has been your most memrable gig so far and why? What other bands would you like to tour with?

well, there are some shows that I'll never forget, and they are all from our last tour with one man Army las November, everything did fit, the music, the crowd, just perfect, i actually have very good memories from ouor 1st show with them in Holland and then the Last one in our hometown, was just great, I would like to tour with the swingin' Utters or rancid, most of the bands that I'd like to tour they are dead, like Clash ore many others, we don't need to talk about the ramones right???


What is your favourite compilation album Frontkick have appeared on?

well, let me tell you that i don't have a fucking clue about how many comps. are we on, but in the next months will come out a compilation anly with live-tracks from a cult club in Berlin called wild at heart, and the compilation will be called "that's life at the wild at heart vol.2" i guess, the greatest thing about it is that many of the bands that will apear will e friends of us, like One man army, the Shocks, Voice of a generation...and a long etc... looking forwards to hear it!

Do politics and music go together?

Sure, It's just a fact of how do you define politics yourself, i don't follow any leader, and i think I'm talking thru' every member's mouth when I say that, we aren't part of any colective ...but we support many, In Our music right now, are many more personal lirycs than in the last record, but of course i think that punkrock music had a big social and political background and it's what it stands for, but anyway I'm a bit fed up of people that spread their dogmatic bullshit around and then, in real life they are so unpolitical like any other bastard around, for me it's like i do the best with my life, trying to act accord with what i think, but i won't try to tell the kids what they have to do or not, I'm not a damn politician or a priest, "no...don't do this or that" that's not our style

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Well, Kreuzberg 36 is a cult punkrock area from Berlin since the 80's, it's such a cool place, it's a big/small scene here, I know almost every face, there are some cool clubs, like wild at heart, Jail (which I'm working in), Trinkteufel, Franken Bar... anyway, I hate to talk about the scene sometimes, because...well, I believe in Unity 'till a certain point, i already met to many traitors and scene destroyers in my life that got me to the point that my scene is just my people, these are the ones that i trust and they can trust me, that's what a scene should be,, because at the end of the day they are the only ones that i can count on, let me greet 'em "36 GUNS shooting in stereo!!!!"

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

alright, we have some touring planed, in some weeks we are flying to spain to a festival where the Damned and the Punkles are gonna play as well, after that...just wait for the release of our record and in one or two months we will go to the studio again to do acouple of songs which will be released sometime as a split 7" with the "radio Dead Ones"(my other band here in Berlin), and well..we'll do touring across Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, North Italy, Spain...and we are getting all together to go to some countries that we haven't been yet, maybe england...that would be great, I've benn only once in london and almos got run over by a car, damn trafic signs, everything's the other way round!!! and well...'thou the prices, I loved london, and I'm looking forward to go back as soon as i can, maybe other english Cities, Ireland??? let's see!

Any final comments?

yep, thanx for the interview..and as I said hopefully see ya soon in your town,

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