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Frantic Flintstones Interview


Twenty years from the start, who is in Frantic Flinstones these days and what are their nationalities?

First of all - the FF started in 1986 so we are even over the 20 years anniversary (we survied the Muh! Yipiiieeeh!) We are very proud to have this huge crowd of muhin' FF Posse out there! Thanks n muh to everybody who supported (and still!) us all this loooong rockin' time. Especially to the worldwide FF Muh Posse and all the Tripabillies out there!

Chuck is still swinging his voice to heaven from the first day on. He's the founder who created this retarded project calling Frantic Flintstones. After plenty of bass players and guitarists there's Bubbleducky playing the guitar and Cloey slappin' the bass. Both are in the Muh since about a year now. Rockinreject started in 1994 and still whacks the beat to this day!

How has the bands attitude and sound changed over the years?

The FF was always a bit different to other classic Psycho bands. The FF muhed the people with so many different albums and music styles. The first full album was the Rockin out and it was very clear Psycho with a half acustic guitar and a clear sound. A muh step in history of Muh! A nightmare on nervous or Nightmare continues was totally different. A part with heavy guitars and dark sounds. The Skin up, chill out, just buskin' through was an unplugged muh only with Johnny Pug and Chuck. Cuttin' a fine line is more swingin' Neo Roc kabilly with Chucks fantastic voice in front. Flesh 'n Fantasy muhed even some techno influences etc. etc. Every FF album is an adventure and a surprise. That's FF. You can't expect a typical style - or - that is the FF style. But the Champagne 4 all ! album released in 2003 on Crazy Love Records was definately an asskicking bunch of FF energy and maybe the best we've ever done yet!!! How many kids ' n cattens muhin their pussies on this fuckin great album!! Oh muh!!! Our attitude - oh muh. Nothing has changed! The FF Posse know it anyway! Hicka, cheers n Muh!pickpickpickpickpickpickpickpick-toctoctoctoctoctoctoctoc.....

What has been the high point and lowest point of the bands h istory? Would you do anything different?

Chucks heart operation after a really dangerous heart attack nearly 20 years ago was a muh with the muh. He nearly signed life. But vodka, columbian health programmes and other supporters helped him to cum back! His muh in her majestics holy appartments without doors was another dark part . In the mid 90's the FF muhed a bit down after several musician changes. 1999 the FF muhed better than ever and until releasing the Champagne 4 all ! album 2003 it was years of great muhin!!!!! Maybe it was too much muhin but several band members had to clear things in their heads after that release. But as it's the FF way of muhin' - we always muh back - even stronger!
High points - hehehe. Yeah, there were so many high points that we even can't count them all. We could write a book nor a bibble about all that high moments in our FF history!!

How has the scene changed since you first started? What changes have you seen in your audience?

Oh, even in the Psycho scene there was and is always a kind of a wave to register. 20 years ago everybody was muhin around with domestos jeans, bomber jackets, hippie sunglasses and a flattop long as a skateboard. The crowd was very young. The whole scene unfortunaltey was devided in two big blocks ( guess what I mean?).
In these days there's more peace (or drugs?) in the valley. The 80's- scene growed older and sometimes it feels on a show like a family meeting. Great! But in the last years there 's also a new and young scene growin' up. We see more and more kids between 15 and 18 years comin to our gigs. That's really great to see! Some people thought the Psychobilly scene dies but that's definately bullshit!!! It grows with young, fresh 'n sexy cats! They bring new influences in the scene. It's never gettin boring. Great!!! Muh on!!

Why do you think the psychobilly scene has gone from strength to strength in mainland Europe compared with the UK?

Who knows??? Maybe the UK is born to be THE place of birth for great new styles and the rest of the world is the Muh to Muh. Muh? But by the way - even that little crowd of psychos in the UK is growin again! See the Speedfreaks Ball Festival or the London Psycho shows! Most times sold out and most fun!

Chuck's episodes of ill health have been documented over the years - what impact has it had on the band? And what would it take to stop the band?
Chucks' impact was always: To keep it on! He's got more than 9 lifes, that's for sure. And he never has regret anything! Meanwhile it changed a bit - eventually that mind change saves him another 9 lifes. His lung collaps last september wasn't that funny and that muh left some muhs in his brain - even in mine! It shows that even EL EL Chucker is not a holy muh (of course he is but it's better to muh on planet earth - at the moment. I mean what to muh in muh if there's only Chuck muhin' around. Quiet boring, isn't it?).

But not to worry - Chips 'n' Curry! - Doc FFMuh muhed green light to muh on so we are back on the track again! Last weekend we muhed our first show in Frankfurt after a 6 month health rehab FF break. And muh - it was a fuckin blast!!!This is a muh to every band front man who's lost his voice! Cut away a part of your lung and you whistle like a bird pipe!!!

How did your Scandinavian tour go earlier this year? Where are you best received? And where new would you like to play (interview questions originally sent in 06)?

We gonna play some shows in april or may this year again together with our friends Joe Hellraiser & the Graverobbin' Bastards. It will be in Gothenburg and Oslo I think. Scandinavia is great! Great muhin Muhers!

Please tell the readers 5 facts about the band they will not know?

- Bubbleducky is a gipsy and out off his head, that's for sure!
- Cloey get married with a bavarian millionare in july.
- He also opens his Rock 'n' Roll store in the south of Germany. You will find the best stuff with best quality!!!
Cloey will manage and distribute also all the FF merchandise worldwide and exclusively!
Find a new link for FF merch (comin in June) on our website or muh to www.madtothebone.de
- Chuck will open his online erotic shop "Cha Cha's" in april this year. Find the link on our website. -He tries every article before selling to the people! That makes a good sales person!
- Rockinreject loves blow jobs while playing on stage!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.

This year we muh the " Back from the dead - World Domination Muh Tour 2007"!

We gonna rock south and north america, europe, the beast in the east, also loads of -Not a Psycho festivals- and eventually Japan end of this year.

We've found a great studio where we gonna record a new album during the whole year. Tripabilly Whizz Kids on Ice! We will release it when it' s finished. Isn't it great! ChamPain!!!!

Any final comments?

Every bloody sunday nite here are plenty of bats muhin around . Sometimes they stay for whole fuckin week! Could you send us a professional bat hunter? And the mice under the floor are incredible ! They don't stop ssscccrrratchin. Fuck the hell! If they are hungry - why the hell they don't piss off and try to find a potatoe or something like that? There's nothing here! Oh muh! Any solutions send to www.franticflintstones.com
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