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Foreign Legion Interview


Please start by saying how the band has changed since the last interview 7 years ago?

firstly thanks rebecca for the new interview its a pleasure, ok we got jolly back in the band he finished late 2003 to look after his lad toby, frank joined us 2003 ..martyn joined us on bass early 2005 very strong line up now ..

What have you learnt along the way? Would you have done anything different?

what we learnt along the way is leave early for gigs because we always seem to miss out on a soundchecks. we would have liked to put out alot more releases early 80s we done to many gigs then, not enough recording , but we have learnt from that now ..

How has your audience and the scene in general changed since you started?

i think the audience and the scene is the same now has the 80s i wish there were more zines but you got the net now which real helps for gigs contact etc ..i think there was alot more punk /oi gigs back in the early ..

I believe you have a new album and ep coming out. What are they called and when are they due out? Who is releasing them?

we have new album coming out called death valley on durty mick records usa release date april 20th ..we have just released split live ep with suburban lockdown from florida usa on durty mick records usa .we also have split ep coming out next week/* 2 live tracks each with paris violence from france on tropper records france and kob records germany 2 differant covers . we are now working on live album .mick from durty mick might release a single off the album ..we have a split 6 track cd on next punk records switzerland with 200 bullets from milan italy ....

Lyrically and musically what can people expect with the new releases? And what is your favourite track?

we are all pleased with the new album thanks to sean at crossbar studio valleys wales lyrically and musically we think its the best to date... iain beerzone said its the best work from us ..hope people enjoy it ...order you copy now ..cheers /beers .

Where does the strongest FL fan base seem to be? What sums up a good FL gig for you? And is there anywhere you would avoid playing again?

this is a hard question i think we got a good fan base all over the uk and europe we need to do more work promo work in the usa ...if people come up to us and and say they enjoyed the set thats good enough for us /blackpool wasted last year we had people from 15 differant countrys watching us .....

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know?
frank guitar is half welsh half italian
jolly guitar is a dj at weekends
stan-drums got 4 kids 3 granchildren been cutting grass for local council for 20 years ...
martyn is a black belt in marshall arts ,
marcus played football for swansea city youth, supports london club queens park rangers home and way ...

What are your thoughts on the internet revolution?

we only wish the net was out way back in the early 80s we would have saved alot of money on phone calls/ postage etc ...i think its a great revolution for contact etc .

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.

we play punk and disorderly berlin next week thanks to elli/ marc mad booking , we play the concrete jungle festival april 20th 21st 22nd pontins camber sands thanks to symond and daryl cock sparrer. we support eddie and the hotrods in may newport tjs wales .. we play the jubilee festival gloucester june 3oth with demob, uk subs, goldblade, picture frame seduction . strawberry blonds etc waiting to hear off daz if we have a place at rebellion blackpool winter gardens.. working on live album ..gigs lined up for finland, italy with servelli stanki klasse kriminale, 200 bullets germany 2007 waiting for date anti fest czech rep 10. Any final comments? many thanks for the interview, best wishes, cheers to all bands, labels. fanzines promoters iain beerzone john robb,dexter sven , keith pfs, flav paris violence , andy demob mick at the label capt oi, tiger heroes, taron artwork, herve deadline / ketholen/ matthew howells live photos suburban lockdown crew ally jon usa, chet, mr matt kelly dkm info**** mick@durtymickrecords.com

Any final comments?
Hopefully 2007 will be the year Dun 2 Def begin to get the recognition they deserve. It's been a hard slog and we've been held up by a few idiots trying their best to put us down and prevent us from being seen by decent audiences. But we won't let those people ruin anything for the band, no matter how hard they try.

I think we may also try to find a van driver and a manager!

The bands favourite animal is the giraffe.

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