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Flux Of Pink Indians Interview


Was it a hard decision to bring the band back together, and who is playing with the band these days?

Col: When we were first asked to do the gig we said we’d think about it but with no intention of actually saying yes. As the next few days passed the idea grew on us; I guess it seemed like a one-off opportunity and we (Kev and I) ended up agreeing to do it and then afterwards started to think "What have we gone and done?!" The line up will be the same as on ‘Strive To Survive’ but Ian Glasper will be playing bass instead of Derek Birkett, who we presumed would be too busy with his record label One Little Indian.

Kev: Col and I had been asked before about the possibility of a reformation, but it hadn't seemed like the right time. One major factor for me in deciding to do this one was that it was supporting Steve Ignorant, who I respect.

You say it is a one off gig, is there anything which will alter this decision? Did you all stay involved in music whilst the band split?

Col: Yep, it’s a one-off gig but it’s impossible to say that it’ll be our last gig ever. The Shepherds Bush Empire certainly wouldn’t have been our normal choice of venue and I’d be just as excited to play in front of a hundred people in the middle of nowhere. But there’s no tour set up and my gut feeling is that it’ll be just a on-off. Back in 1986 we all went our own ways but I carried on in various bands - Hotalacio / Influx until 1992.

Kev: After I left Flux at the end of 1982 I thought that was it as far as playing was concerned, but in 1986 I saw a local band called Thee Primebeats who were brilliant, and when their bass player decided to leave, I switched from guitar to bass to join them. (Their guitarist, Pete Restell, has now got a good band called The Antibodies.) After Thee Primebeats disbanded completely, I didn't really start playing guitar again until a few years ago.

What will you be doing to prepare for the gig? Who else are you looking forward to catching on the day?

Col: Our plan is to play songs from ‘Strive’ and ‘Neu Smell’ and sound as tight and full-on as possible. I'm obviously looking forward to seeing Steve but I’m not expecting to have the same lump in my throat as the first time I saw Crass - that would be impossible.

Kev: So far we've had one rehearsal, and I really enjoyed it; I want us to play really well on the night or there's no point. I realise that we've got a fair bit of work to put in as I think we're the only band over the two nights that hasn't played together for 25 years.

How have members views changed from when you first started? What difference to you expect to see in your fans?

Col: Well it’s 25 years on, the world has changed, nothing stays the same. But I don’t regret what we’ve done or what we said and I still believe in all the things we sang about back then; now it’s 2007, things are different and I’m presuming the people at the gig will have all changed a bit too - that’ll be the fun of it.

Kev: I don't think my views have changed very much at all; my lifestyle now is pretty basic, I don't do 9-5 and I've never wanted to. However, I was more into the band for the musical side anyway, and I still am - that's my contribution to Flux.

Is your music and punk in general as relevant today as when you first started?

Col: Perhaps for some people. It still means a lot to me, but back then there was no history involved. Stuff was happening for the first time and in front of your eyes.

Kev: I think the music in general is relevant today, probably more than ever, as you can hear the sound and the influence in so many current bands.

What has been the high point and lowest point of the bands history? Would you do anything different?

Col: The highest point was recording ‘Strive’ at Southern Studios in 1982; the lowest point was our drummer (Martin) being bottled at a gig in 1983.

Kev: Recording "Strive" was definitely the high point for me; it was so good to be in the studio solidly for five days just concentrating on getting the songs right. Low points were when people expected too much of us, those times when nothing we did was ever good enough. We were often expected to justify every single thing we did and that's unreasonable and unrealistic; we shouldn't have to justify anything to anyone, ever. No-one should.

What bands do you hear the Flux of Pink Indians influence in? And are there any particularly good or bad Flux of Pink Indians covers you have heard over the years? Is there any band you would feel particularly honoured if they covered a Flux of Pink Indians song? If so, who?

Col: I used to think The Pumpkins followed our route a bit. We used to hear other bands where we rehearsed playing "Tube Disaster". The UK Subs version of it is interesting and Culture Shock’s version probably the

Kev: Not sure about hearing Flux's influence in any particular band. There was a great cover of "Tube Disaster" a few years back by a London band called S.O.R.B. who really heavied it up rather than doing a straight copy of it like the UK Subs did. I'm not sure what to make of the Subs' version.. it sounded a bit like Gary Glitter to my ears! I'd love to hear the Donnas cover "1970s" or Death From Above 1979 covering "Tube Disaster".

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know.

Col: 1. The vocals on the ‘Fucking Cunts’ LP were recorded in the toilet at Southern Studios;

2. Our second gig (as the Epileptics) was supporting a Hell's Angel band because all the other local ‘punk’ bands thought we were shit;

3. When I called myself Colsk the Terrible on the ‘Neu Smell’ EP I didn’t know that my grandad had been a professional boxer in the 1930’s known as Tommy the Terrible;

Kev: 4. Back in late 1975 I played rhythm guitar (very briefly because I wasn't good enough) with a band whose guitarist later went on to be in Shakatak!

5. When we recording "Strive" I wanted to use a 12-string acoustic for the intro to "They Lie We Die" but as it was a Sunday I couldn't hire one, so I ended up using an effects box to similate that kind of sound instead.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.

Col: Well, just the gig in November.

Kev: Yep, we'll see how rehearsals and the gig goes before we make any other plans.

Any final comments?

Kev: I just hope we're really fucking good on the night and people will get into it for what it is.

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