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The Fuckin' Glorious Interview


So is this Yorkshire's new supergroup? Can you introduce the band and previous bands they have been in?

Righto, i'm Beaker on vocals, previously in Lowlife UK. On guitar is Jimbo, previously in Freaks Union, Dun 2 Def, Dead Pets and Yosser. Bass is Stiv, who was in The Dead Pets and Acid Drop, and finally Ben Grim who has been in Christ knows how many bands, and I can't be arsed typing them out anyway as my fingers and wrist have a chronic case of arthritis.

IWhy get together now? And who instigated it?

I finished Lowlife as i'd become completely disillusioned with being in a band and punk in general for a number of reasons, and had no intention of doing anything ever again. After 18 months like most people who have been in bands for years I started to get itchy feet, tried a couple of things that didn't work out and thought "ah well never mind". Then I saw a post on Facebook by Jim who had just moved over to Leeds saying he wanted to do a band, so sent a message, talked about it for months then eventually found 2 other idiots at a loose end and went into the practice room. All I wanted to do was a couple of gigs but it's taken off really quickly.

How would you describe the band in terms of sound, lyrics and attitude?

Well as we haven't been around for long (started practicing in January this year), we are still trying to find a sound, but essentially its punk but we are trying to not be straight up 3 chord punk, and maybe throw different genres in, kind of anything goes. Lyrically I write about things that annoy me, usully quite insignificant stuff but i'm getting to an age where everything annoys me. Attitude wise? Serious and angry but with a little nudge and a wink. Life in general is ridiculous so if you don't laugh you'd cry.

What was the secret to getting on Rebellion after such a short time in existence?  And was it hard to make 5 songs last a set?

7 songs you cheeky sod, and no we're professionals darling (and gobshites). The secret to getting on at Rebellion? Kissing arse and having no morals, ethics or standards.

What band had the biggest influence in your life and why?

Conflict. First punk band I saw in early 1985. It basically changed me and my course in life. It made me realise there was an alternative to the shit other kids at school or on the estate were aspiring to. Also it has and still shapes what I like about the punk scene. The DIY aspect and to think for yourself.

What  shameful song  do you like to belt out in secret when driving along?

No song is shameful, if you like it you like it, but between you and me I have been known in private to sing along to Gary Thompson by Geoffrey OiCott. Shhhhh!

Beaker what has happened to Bradford pride (my place of birth)?  You say you are a Leeds band?  What other bands would you recommend in the area (be that Bradford or Leeds or anywhere in Yorkshire)?

A Leeds band with a Bradford lad in. Each practice in Leeds we have, a little part of me dies. Other Yorkshire bands i've seen/enjoyed this past couple of years? Nosebleed, Sievehead, The Flex, Jaded Eyes, Higher Power, Arcane Intrusion Network, The Swindells etc, etc.

What process goes into writing the lyrics and constructing the songs? And is there any subject matter you would not sing about?

Jim or Stiv will have a riff or bassline and we work from there, some have come dead easy, others take a bit of time.I can't write lyrics until theres at least a verse and a chorus, never have been able to. As for subject matter, well i'd never sing songs poking fun at peoples sexuality or disabilities. Not because i'm "PC" or what have you, but because i'm 47 and not 17 no more. I'd never sing about cricket either.

What rumour would you like to start about the band?

I wouldn't because knowing the punk scene rumours will already be flying around, and lets be honest theres probably going to be a grain of truth in them whatever they are.

What is next for the band? And the individual band members?

Recording some new songs in January. Will probably do a couple of videos too. Keep gigging, get an actual full set instead of talking nonsense between songs to fill time. Hopefully going to Europe next year. Me on a personal level, pack in my job, sell my house and go live in a hut in the middle of nowhere is the plan, the reality being stay at work, keep my house and cry myself to sleep every night. Thanks for the interview, hope to see you at a gig sometime.


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