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The Expelled
30/05/2003 (interview with Rick)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band first formed in july 1981 with a line up of; -
Jo-vocals, Tim-guitar, Macca-bass, Rick-drums.

After a few gigs around Leeds we got a record deal with Riot City Records. After Rick gave a demo tape to Vice Squad drummer Shane we went on to release a 3-track e.p. and a single both in 1982 and then do a John Peel session on radio 1 in Jan 1983. After a whirlwind start to our career, it was around this time that we had our first setback when Jo informed us that she was leaving the band. Despite loads of advertising we were unable to find a suitable replacement which was really frustrating because for about 6 months we were unable to do any gigs and eventually we carried on as a 3-piece with Macca taking over on vocals, after quite a few gigs we went back into the recording studio to record some new material when we were to have our biggest setback of all. With the new stuff recorded and the picture sleeve designed Riot City records ran into financial problems and the never saw the light of day. This was to prove to be the final straw and in May 1984 the Expelled were to split up, Macca went to play bass for the Underdogs, Rick went to drum for Cross Connection, and Tim hung up his guitar.


No Life, No Future E.P. (1982)
Government Policy / Make It Alone Single (1982)
A Punk Rock Collection 15-Track C.D. (1999)

Why are you back after all this time and what are the main changes you have noticed in the scene for the better and worse?

I always felt that the band ended prematurely and when Captain Oi released a punk rock collection I was shocked at the interest in it. So in the year 2000 I tried to put the band back together which we did with 3 original members Jo, macca and Rick along with ex Underdog Andy Green but this line up never got out of the rehearsel room. Over a period of time people would contact me and keep telling me how much they liked the c.d. and that we should reform. So once again I contacted Macca and we said that we would give it one more go, but we agreed that it had to be better than ever before so we brought in Dougie on lead guitar and Becky on rhythm guitar and vocals. This being the best thing we ever did because she is not only the best vocalist we've ever had but the fact that she plays guitar has given the band an extra edge when we play live.

If you were writing a review about The Expelled, how would you describe the band?

I would describe us as a punk/pop type band, even looking back at the early stuff it was never really hard core.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

I've asked everybody and they say this is a though question, in the end Becky opted for XTC - Making Plans For Nigel, Dougie and Macca have not given me an answer and as for me anything by Stiff Little Fingers, in my opinion they are without doubt the greatest band of all time.

What is the best gig The Expelled have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

It was back in 1982 with the original line up the No Life No Future e.p. had just been released and we played the 100 club in London with Vice Squad. The place was packed and we went down brilliant.

Is there any band you would feel particularly honoured if they covered an Expelled song? If so, who and what song?

I would say whoever you are the biggest honour is if your favourite band covered one of your songs. So for me it would be SLF but i'm sure the rest of the band wouldn't agree.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Personally I don't think it's anywhere near as good as it was 20 years ago. Back then there always seemed to be good gigs on every week in Leeds when Branigans and the Beer Keller were going.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

After 20 years in this business I stopped making plans a long time ago, it's just a case of see how things go. We recorded a demo c.d. early this year and sent it off to various labels but these days it is really difficult getting a deal as a lot of indie labels aren't interested in doing singles. Also we have other projects up and running Dougie and Macca play in another band together while me and Becky play as a duo under the name of the Tricycle Thieves.

Any final comments?

No final comments really other than we are still doing this because even after all this time we still love getting up there and playing live.

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