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03/12/2000 (Interview with; Chris' - C, Jonny's - J, Fuzz's - F, Rob' - R)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up and Discography.

Formed in 1982 in manchester - original line up - Chris on bass ,Dennis on vocals , Aky on guitar and Flannel on drums after giging in and around manchester they releashed one single Points of View - b-side , City Fun , Does anyone realise  on Riot City Records - (riot 21) - they split in mid 1983. Chris met Jonny Wah Wah 2 years ago and they re-formed the band - Jonny brought in Fuzz and a load of their songs which we use along with old Emergency stuff from the 80's. We began writing new stuff straight away as well. "Songs born from a Ceed" was a self - finached cd which featured the songs - "Theres no time, Today,Here we go again and I just wanna be your friend" -500 were pressed and were sold over the last year at gigs and from the web-site. Rob joined 6 months ago and we are now gigging constantly and have just recorded a new cd "Hey Psycho" which will be released in the new year - Label T.B.C. s

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

C -The Hoax ,Sound Reaction,Hitsville Uk
J -Raw Reality , The Intelligent Flies ,Pellmell ,Blob and the Knobs
F - Book of Nonsence,The Reaction , The Boxing Stoats
R - Elvis Christ,The Bastards , Biz ,Bert and Buz

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century?

C - A load of geezers playing better than before with no agendas
J- Losing its threat
F- short word with 4 letters in it
R - No

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by)?

C - Complete Control - The Clash
J - California Dreaming - The Mamas and the Papas
F - Pop Scene - Blur
R - Complete Control - The Clash

What is the first gig each member of the band ever went to?

C -The Buzzcocks Manchester
J- The Subhumans London
F - 2 crappy mod bands but cant remember there names - in London Somewhere.
R -Gary Glitter Plymouth own but not out. And still pissing on the mainstream.

Do politics and music go together?

C -No
J - Yes but not as sloganeering
F- No
R - No

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

C- 19 - cos I shagged 4 birds in 1 week
J - 0 - Id like to give it all another go
F- 15 - Life was so easy then!
R - 25 - very fruitful time for me

......next 6 questions from Roberta USA

Where do you see the band in 2 years/5 years?

C - Happy Pines Nursing home for the old - Bognor Regis
J - Having played all over the globe
F- In the Asylum
R - Acton

Why did you choose to be in this band?

C- I formed it
J- I ask myself everyday
F- The circus turned me down
R - I was press ganged

What are your inspirations?

C - Speed, Cocaine and LSD
J - The Damned , John Lydon ,The Who, Friends, alcohol and the voices in my head!
F - The Damned , captain sensible , MC5 , Blur and Iggy Pop
R - Stray Cats , Clash and SLF

What message does the band give?

C - None
J - One that no one understands yet - stay tuned!
F- be nice to your mum and always have breakfast
R -I don't know

Do you feel you are where you want to be or where you thought you would be?

C- I don't understand the question!
J - No
F - no
R - No

What do you need to improve on?

C -Penile Girth
J - my pirouetting
F - Drinking
R - Drumming

Is anarchy a viable proposition given the way politics has shifted from an idiological standpoint to the media circus that it has now become? - From Phil collinge UK

C - Fuck off
J - Yes
F - I want to be in the circus
R - Piss off

What is your funniest/best memory of playing in emergency? - From Andy P from the band The wing of jazz Destiny

C - Blowing the guitarist up with smoke bombs
J - Breaking the toilet at the Victoria Inn in Derby
F - Pooing myself at the recording studio
R - Fuzz pissing himself on the way back from a gig in Birmingham and having to go home with a towel wrapped round him

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? - From Sheena USA

C -Run naked down oxford street in London
J -walk through London with a large carrot on my head shouting "Where's my donkey I miss her moustache"
F - Eat my poo
R - Anything

What was the first punk record you bought? - From Alistair UK

C -Remote Control - The Clash
J -Never mind the Bollox - Sex Pistols
F- Is Vic There - department s
R - White Riot - The Clash

how long u've been in the band? - from zoe.UK

C -19 years
J - 2 years
F- 2 years
R - 6 months

If you were dressed up as a drag queen which toilets would you go in? - from Bridget.UK

C - The one with the shortest queue
J - Ladies - any excuse!
F -I don't use them
R - Ladies

What is life like after the show? (Like a behind the scene thing) - My address is Tina Nedig USA

C - Cup of Horlicks and Rich Tea Biscuits
J - drinking and searching for clubs - paying for hotels but never using them for sleeping
F - staining trouseurs and annoying other band members
R - Drinking , drinking and more drinking

Do you want to play in Canada - dana - canada

C - No
J - yes - the others are being bastards!
F - Can - a - Da full of french innit?
R - No

Whose your fav. Boy band and what do you like about them?- Jim USA

C - Motorhead - cos there fucking loud and good looking
J - Blink 182 like a bit of pop every now and then
F - Bros - like blond boys
R - Backstreet Boys - nice hairdos

Who do you most fancy for a good shagging ? - Una and Casey England

C - Any bird that looks like Pamela Anderson with the arse of a 10 year old boy
J -How long you got?
F -My wife and she didn't tell me to say that!
R - Ma Walton

What do you most like about Wales - amy - Wales.

C - M4 - good fast road so that I can get the fuck out of it
J - Pretty Girls
F - If I say sheep would that be too sad ( Yes Fuzz - rest of band)
R - coming home

What do you think about groupies - Jason LA - USA

C - Don't think about them - just shag them
J - let you know when we get some
F - Im married and I love my wife too much to ever think about them
R - what groupies