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The Ejected Interview


How are things going with the new album? And how did you end up on Randale Records?

Our new album is out soon Game of survival. It's a really good album. Video of the track Alien Abduction is on YouTube now from the album. When I reformed ejected back together with three new guys we realised how great the sound was and started writing new songs that are as good as old ejected. I asked Garry bushell if he knew any label that would be interested in putting out our music. He suggested Randale records and I contacted diana schular and she said yes. So we put out Back from the dead album last year.

How as Back From The Dead! Album received and do people seem to have a favourite track?

BFTD was received really well by reviewers and the fans everywhere. Cops are coming seems to be the fans favourite along with Dead man walking.

When you play live do you play mainly old or new songs and which do you prefer to do and why?

At gigs we play twelve old songs and four BFTD songs and four from new album. The old ejected songs are very well loved so it's great playing them.

How does finding subject matters to sing about nowadays compare with the 80s?

Song subject matter is the same more or less. We tend to stay away from politics religion etc. I try to keep the lyrics light hearted mostly. I do think about them a lot and put everything into them. The new ejected album has songs about Alien Abduction binge drinking football gangsters and crime amongst many others. I keep em humorous and light hearted. Ejected are all about catchy chorus and memorable hooks. Too many punk oi bands are just noise and no tunes.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview, but never have? And what is the answer?

I've been asked all sorts of questions over the years they can get boring and samey sometimes but I'll always answer honestly but as long as the interest is genuine I'm fine with it. I've written an ejected book called The fall and rise of the ejected which contains the history of the band plus photos old and new and stories anecdotes etc to answer most things about the band. It's available from Dreamfreak merch fbook site and Ebay. It's candid witty and interesting I think. As for the best question ever? I'm still waiting ha ha ha.

What would your ideal line-up be at a gig?

UK subs Rancid and us ha ha

What do you do to prepare for a gig and what is the funniest thing that has happened on stage?

Preperation for gigs is rehearsal a few days before then on the night plenty of beer for me to ease the nerves and lubricate my old throat. I love talking to the fans and other bands at gigs. You'll always find me outside chatting drinking and smoking before we go on.

If you could only ever listen to one album again, what would it be?

Do you mean any album? Or ejected album? My personal fave album of all is Rattus norvegicus by the Stranglers.

How have you found that the scene has changed since the 80s and which do you prefer?

Much better nowadays. Better gear sound systems etc. Plus we get paid now not always the case back in the day ha ha

What is next for the band?

So we have new album out soon Game of survival and gigs in Glasgow Southampton and Plymouth between now and xmas. We wanna go back to do shows in America but the promoter's we've spoken to so far are pussies they're very not into paying us a decent fee so we live in hope. After a great gig in Stockholm Sweden last year we wanna play European gigs too. But it's been quiet for us lately so it might fizzle out or we might go mega ha ha! I'm not holding my breath.


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