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East End Badoes Interview


I believe you have an album coming out soon? What is the title and what can people expect by it?

A punk rock sound with an East End beat. We've been playing quite a few of the songs off it this year so people who have seen us will have a rough idea. For those who haven't, there will be a real mix of oi/street punk anthems, hopefully with a couple of bits chucked in that you wouldn't expect.

Please can each member pick their favourite track off it, and explain why it is special to them?

‘Forever' as it was written in the memory of a close friend who passed. He was always very supportive of my music. I love keeping his memory alive through this one and it's been a pleasure having him remembered around Europe and especially when we played with the Dropkick Murphys (with them watching) as they were a band me and him grew up listening to together.

What has taken so long for you to put out a release? And how many years do you think people will have to wait for the next one?

The band has had so many line up changes that it hasn't always been possible to get new stuff written. We now have a line up where we're a very close bunch of mates who work really well together. Hopefully it will only take a year or 2 to get another album out...but no plans are set in stone for a second yet. 

Will the track ‘Support The Troops’ from Sonic Lobotomy TV be released?

No it won't. The album will be all new stuff.

How tame are your gigs these days compared with when you started? 

I can't comment on how it was at the start as it was before I was born! But in the 15 odd years that I've been going to punk/oi gigs, it's a hell of a lot tamer now!

Do you plan any gigs north of the Watford Gap?

We plan on gigging anywhere we can. Hopefully there will be more north of the Watford Gap next year.

Overall how have you seen the scene change over the years and what state would you say it was in these days?

Crowds for the most part are a lot calmer. Not as many people pack out venues unless it's a well known band. But there are tons of fantastic bands right now going under the radar.

What would be your ideal line up at a gig?

Dropkick Murphys
Cock Sparrer
Living End
East End Badoes
Arch Rivals
Angry Agenda

Too many to even think of naming!

What advice would you offer bands just starting out, and what advice do wish you had been given then and now? And would you have listened?

Enjoy yourselves. It's not about making it. It's about having a laugh with your mates.

What do you see for the future of the band?

Carry on gigging as much as we can. Writing new music. Appearances at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and PSK in Sweden.

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