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Punk & Oi In The UK - Eater 2nd Interview
Punk & Oi In The UK - Take Me Home
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Eater 2nd Interview


Was it a hard decision to bring the band back together, and who is playing with the band these days? How is it different from when you reformed 10 years ago?

Andy: On a scale of 1-10 in hardness, the decision for me was a 5. Wasn't hard, but wasn't without it's misgivings. Whichever way I look at it, there is something slightly spasticated in bands reforming. Thankfully the songs are sounding good and people seem to have smiles on their faces at the shows we've done this year.

One important member subtracted, one even more important member added.

Dee: It wasn’t hard. On Andy’s scale, I would guess it would be about a 2 for me. Although, I did have to learn to play the drums again so maybe that would put it up to about a 5.

People seem to have a lot of affection for Eater and getting back together has caused a lot of interest. It’s really the energy from other people who have helped us that has made it happen. That’s what’s keeping it going, I don’t think either me or Andy have the motivation or inclination to try to force it. The way it has happened has been quite natural, other bands have tried to milk it a bit more and come unstuck, over estimated themselves and ended up with a big venue to fill and 25 tickets sold.

I wasn’t about for the ‘96 reunion, and to be honest, if I had been asked I would have probably said no. It just being Andy from the original band is about the only circumstance that I would have been comfortable with.

The bass player is Steve O’Shey, he’s a lovely lad.

What has been the high point and lowest point of the bands history?

Andy: That is a stupid question. There are loads of each.

Dee: Like most bands there were plenty, high and low, I found my sacking hard as I had put every thing into Eater, and when it had gone I had nothing to replace it. At 16 I signed on, I realised that I had a struggle on to sort myself out. I forgot about Eater and just got on with it.

What has been the high point and lowest point of the bands history?

Andy: Different label, manager. Yawn.

Dee: Like most bands there were plenty, high and low, I found my sacking hard as I had put every thing into Eater, and when it had gone I had nothing to replace it. At 16 I signed on, I realised that I had a struggle on to sort myself out. I forgot about Eater and just got on with it.

Prior to last months gig, when had you all last performed together? How did the gig go?

Andy: ATP. Brilliant. It was better than any Eater gig I remember. The 100 club was a blast too.

Dee: It was a shock to have to give our chalet keys back after the ATP. We were there for three days and both of us had got into a nice routine, Andy doing the cooking, he makes an interesting stir fry, a little walk to the pub at lunch time, a few bands in the evening.

The 100 Club was great, I enjoyed it a whole lot more than playing at the ATP.

What did you do to prepare for the gig? And had you all kept in touch over the years and what were the band members up to in the in-between time?

Andy: Had two rehearsals, mimed in front of the mirror, purchased some online viagra and grecian 2000.

We didn't keep in touch, part from the guitarist, Brian. The others, since the day Eater split, have been marching up and down twixt Lands End and John O Groats dressed as cheerleaders and singing Nelly Furtado songs, No one knows why. It is a feat even more extraordinary due to the fact that Nelly hadn't even sung a song before 'I'm like A Bird' in 2001.

Dee: I read Steve Diggle’s book as preparation.

I did ring Andy a few times over the years but he always made out I had got through to a Chinese Take Away and then would hang up.

How did the audience differ to when you first started out?

Andy: Older, fatter, balder, uglier. Thats the original audience, anyway. We do get a lot of young kids turn up now, weirdly. They know not what they do. Lil Chris wrote to me regularly until he had to take out a restraining order against us. He invited me to direct a video for him earlier this year, things got messy. I had no idea his parents would be there.

Dee: They are all still taller than me.

Which of your contemporises from the 70's who are still going do you most admire and why?
Andy: All the old slags. None of them, least of all, us.

Dee: Admire is a bit strong, it’s hard to admire your contemporaries.

Please tell the readers 5 facts about the band they will not know?

1. Next year, two of the original line up will die tragically.
2. Ian Woodcock really did have a wooden cock.
3. The pig's head at the Roxy incident - it wasn't real, it was made out of pastry, my mum cooked it. After the gig we donated to the homeless refuge down the road.
4. When we weren't in public, we did everything naked - rehearsing, dinner parties, record company meetings, etc. It would be fair to say that it was the 'naturist' element that brought us together in the first place.
5. Brian once had a rather nasty looking whitlow on his willy.

1. I unsuccessfully auditioned for Flintlock before Eater.
2. The average age of Eater was reported as 15, with our ages being reported as 13, 15, 15, and 17, but in fact I was 14, Andy was 15, Brian 15 and Ian 18. Technically that made the average age 15.5, that wouldn’t have worked on our Alice Cooper cover, would it.
3. Paul Flynn was not ever in Eater, he was a friend of mine, we did put him in an imaginary line up but we never got round to asking him.
4. The nudity thing was all Brian’s idea.
5. Hey, about Brian’s willy, he told me that it was just a birth mark and not contagious.

30 years of punk - something to celebrate or embarrassing commercialism? Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Andy: It's just nothing to both.

Dee: Is there money to be made then?

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2006 / 2007.

Andy: Rome, London this year, funerals next year.

Dee: Rome and London with The Buzzcocks, there are no other plans. Got my music chosen for the funeral, ‘Crocodile Rock’ Elton John. Thanks for agreeing to say a few words Andy, and of course I will pay your expenses.

Any final comments?
Andy: Oi was a terrible abomination of what was once a true and vital movement. It was invented by Morrissey as a sexual fantasy.

Dee: My favourite is Screwdriver, fresh orange not concentrate.

Thanks again

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