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02/11/2003 (interview with Bones)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Well Discharge started in the late ‘’70’s in Stoke-on-Trent when we were like a Pistols type band with Tezz singing. Then the drummer left so Tezz played drums and Cal took over the vocals. That was when the new style came about. Then Tezz left and Bambi came in, then he left and Gary came in. Then I left to form Broken Bones with Tezz.

The original band formed recently for an album but Cal decided he could not do live shows so we got Ratt from the Varukas and that’s the current line up;

Tezz-drums, Rainy-bass, Bones-guitar, Ratt-vocals.


In all honestly the fans can probably remember better than I can.

What have been the highlights and low times of the and
careers, and musically which Discharge era do you like best?

The highlights were getting a record out and people liking it. The lowest points were when Tezz left and then I left. I like the first era best as it was all new.

How has the US tour gone, and do you find the audiences differ much in different countries?

The US tour was surprisingly good considering Rainy was unable to get in. We had to use the driver, Davey as bass player but it went really well and he did a good job. Nobody can replace Rainy however who will be with us on future gigs. People wanted to hear the old stuff so that’s what we played and they loved it.

Are there any plans for new Discharge material? If so, what can people expect?

Yes we are working on new material and it will be a mixture of old and new styles.

What is the first gig each member of the band ever went to?

I think the first gig we all went to (ie; original Discharge line up) was the Stranglers in 1978 – Fucking great.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know

Tezz and Bones are identical twin brothers, Bones being an hour and a half older.

Bones is left handed but plays guitar right handed.

All the band got done by the dole in 1980 for signing on whilst in a band and got fined.

Rainy used to be a postman.

Apart from Ratt we all grew up together and were in a small gang called the ‘Shelton Contingent’

Discharge started over 20 years ago, how do you think the punk scene has changed since then, and how would you like to see it develop?

The scene has changed dramatically over the years. People are too self conscious and don’t tend to enjoy themselves as much – well that’s what I think. Let yourself go!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We are planning a world tour for next year and a new album- Look out for it.

Any final comments?

Come and see us and judge for yourself if it’s good. Keep the faith.

DISCHARGE The Nightmare Continues!!!