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Dims Rebellion

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We started I 98 or something. We where sitting in a park talking about different skinheads band me and my friend called Niklas....and we joked about getting an oi! band together just for fun, but the funny thing was that we put it together a week later as a serious thing. The current line-up then was Me(Lorenzo), Danne, Niklas, and Hasse. But it didn't work out because the drummer couldn't drum! so we changed that drummer to another drummer...who actually could make some really great noise called Viktor. After that We made a few gigs in Stockholm witch was really fucked up didn't work out at all! We were to drunk, so pissed every time. But we had a great gig in Denmark - Copenhagen, supporting another punk/oi! band from Stockholm called THE PINTS. After that we had some personal trouble in the band so Niklas (the singer) left the band. So I took over his place behind the Microphone. and now where strongly advancing to our goal......just to play descent punk and be serious about it.

lead guitar, lead and backing vocals: Tobbe
Rythm guitar: Hasse Buskis
Bass and leadVocals: Lorenzo
drums and backing vocals: Viktor
piano and saxophone: Johan


We made a demo with the old line up with 2 songs: INFECTED and WHATS IT GOING BE who a lot of people liked around Stockholm. With the new Line-up we have released two songs called GODS AND HEROES & RICH LITTLE BUM on a new SWEDISH compilation called BREWED IN SWEDEN.

What are the main themes in the lyrics and do you sing in English or Swedish? If English, how do you manage to write in a second language?

The problem(?) with that is that we are too inspired of American and British bands. so many years as teenagers we lived for the classic oi! bands! We only knew to express ourselves in English....But we haven't made our discussion to only sing in English....we may one day turn into Swedish,
who knows? We are so educated that's why we manage to sing in English.

Why did you choose the name Dims Rebellion?

Itso all about being into clockwork orange. Itso about Dim the fat droogie in the book/Movie.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Well to me I think it would be THE WHO, Sid Vicious or the early days of Condemned 84.

After the UK and US, my site gets most visits from Sweden. Is street on the rise again, and what is the scene like in your area?

Well, the scene has been in a move now for a while in Sweden, but mostly of the time itso kids who don't have a clue about the scene. Their only in for a year or two then their gone. But I think that Sweden always has been a big meeting point for British subcultures.The scene in Stockholm is getting really crowded at the moment. you see new faces every day around the football matches. but the unity is poor. Thereso no gigs or clubs to engage the youth nowadays, itso not easy to start a passion without being a part of the scene. And some of the boys are getting old, they do not appreciate the stuff that the younger boys are doing.

In Sweden is their much hostility between punks and skinheads?

Yeah..but itso getting better. There use to be confrontations between rightwing skins (and Punks) and leftwing punks, but allot of kids are getting tired to fight each other when their fighting all the other youths aswell! But thereso allot of nazis in Sweden who has left the subcultures now...and
are only into serious shit. Making trouble at gigs and clubs. those are a pain in the ass. such as the AFA witch are trying to stop SKA-gigs(?) just because there are allot of skins at the shows.....some people are too crazy.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

We use to play Sorry and Chaos with the 4skins. Nowadays we are playing a song with Blitz (Nation on fire), and we do a very cool version of Rapist written by Combat84. I think that we will try to make our own songs in the future.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

We are going to make a gig in Denmark with bands like MEDBORGARGARDET, PERKELE, HOLLIES and CONDEMNED 84 in the beginning of April. And we are hopefully going to make a gig with THE JINX, PINTS and a few more bands in April too.And we will try to record a full length CD as soon as we can find a descent company to support us. We will try to play as many gigs as possible, release as much as we can.

Any final comments?

So lovely that some people are so die-hard into the scene nowadays (Rebecca), it really helps to keep my and others strength up! Your doing a great job! And I hope that more people will do the same for the scene because we are the scene after all....We don't want a scene full of Oi!
re-releases with the old bands from the eighties! We need more bands whoso playing now. Who believes in it! More Skins and More Punks!

cheers and please listen to DIMS REBELLION if you have the chance!
contact: l_guida@hotmail.com

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