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Demob - 2nd Interview
06/07/2005 (interview with Andy K)

What has been going on with the band since the last interview 4 years ago? Who is in the band these days?

We have been busy as hell with 3 albums: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER (Amber Records UK) – IF IT AINT PUNK IT DON’T ROCK (Amber Records UK) – CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS (GTA, USA). We also released our 1st DVD DEMOB "LIVE IN JAPAN” on (Sanctuary Release UK). DEMOB was honoured to be asked to record a UK SUBS track and selected a track we all loved B1C, this is tribute album to the legendary Charlie Harper.

The band played at a great festival in Germany "Punk and Disorderly 2005" and we were able to catch up with our mates in Antidote, Skeptixs, Argy Bargy and loads of others, just for the record DEMOB won the all-night drinking session in Berlin and had the last man standing into the next day, well done our Tel.

2004 took Demob on an East and West coast tour of the USA and Demob can now put it’s name on the list of band players at CGBG`s in New York, the Americans are mad for punk rock and we’re making plans to revisit in 2006.

When I look back at what we’ve just done I think shit, what an achievement and we will try too keep the momentum going to keep the punk scene alive.

It was a "Pain in the Arse" to lose Tillo our drummer and Richy the bassist this year, their work commitments made it difficult for them to meet the ever increasing demand for them being available for the bands gigs. They have been replaced by Natalie Porter on bass and Marcus Harley on drums, they both play with other bands at the present and the new line-up has just played the 1st gig on the "Burning Britain Tour".

How did the current members meet and how did you get together?

I have known Natalie and Marcus since I got back with DEMOB in 2002, Marcus has played with several bands locally and is a very good drummer with the right attitude for punk music, so much so we asked him twice before to join after we thought Tillo wanted to leave, but things never materialised, so when I asked him a third time Marcus wasn’t prepared to commit to what we were doing as he was fully committed to the band he was playing with at the time.

He had a swift change of heart, ("he must have had this picture of tears running down my cheeks") and decided to come on board to bash the skins for the mob. Natalie plays with couple of local bands, she’s very talented and is able to play lead/rhythm guitar vocals and plays bass, (not all at the same time I hasten to add), she also wears a great tutu on stage, such a natural talent but with great attitude.

What changes have you seen in your audience and the scene in general since when you first started?

Audiences have changed for the better since the first time out, back in the late 70’s early 80’s, now, no one wants to beat the shit out of you because you don’t support the right football team, or if you’re a skinhead or punk, most people who I know go to the gigs for the music and a good social night out.

Now at gigs we get a full range of ages coming along for a good night out, which is really good for the scene, so who knows, I may be belting out songs in a wheelchair or from a Zimmer one day, to people that still appreciate the power and satisfaction that punk music brings to the younger punks coming to the gigs today.

In the last 12 months you have released the Cd 'If It Ain't Punk I Don't Rock' and the DVD 'Live in Japan' how have they been received?

The "Live in Japan" DVD was limited edition production, we have got rid of all but a few and we’re looking at getting the second run produced ready for the "Burning Britain Tour". Doing the DVD was something we wanted to do which was a bit of nostalgic fun.

As for the album “If it ain’t punk” we have done well on sales, we only have distribution through GTA in the USA and by what we sell at gigs and on the Internet, we’ve been getting sales to obscure places like Argentina, Sweden and GTA sent a batch to Japan. We hope that most people that haven’t got a copy and can’t get to one of our gigs will order through our website. We’re pleased with both projects and sales.

What has been you favourite Demob recording and why?

"No Room For You" is an awesome track and it has so much history and meaning for us and now we’ve found out it has the same sentiment to a lot of punks around the world, but I would say "Think Straight", musically and the way it was recorded back then is just a great all round punk song, fast, furious and fucking relevant.

My favourite newish song has to be Unfinished Business, why because “It’s all about you it’s all about me”

'If It Ain't Punk I Don't Rock' is a brilliant title, who thought of it? And what other album titles do you rate?

I'm responsible for the title of the album, I just thought it had a good ring to it, plus it's true.

Gold Blade "Rebel Songs" is fucking class, PFS "Sex War" is one to get hold of, Deadlines first two albums "More to it and Back For More are the dogs bollocks, Street Dogs "Back To the World" is an addictive street punk album, a must for anybody who loves street punk music.

Is it easier or harder being in a band these days? And what tips do you have to bands starting out?

It’s easier now than back in the early days, back in 1977 punk was the new scene and everyone was trying to get established via gigs, fanzines and record releases, but now with the age of gadgets we can have a gigs, Cd releases sorted quicker and of coarse the Internet has opened up the world and made things a lot easier.

If you’re starting out as a new street punk band, don’t take it serious. Enjoy the moment because it can be short lived and remember it’s punk rock! And there’s no other scene like it and be proud to be a part of the scene.

You have played in Japan and the States, what other countries would you like to play in and where are you popular?

We’d love to do Australia, Brazil, and more places in Europe, as for popularity, we get good feed-back from the U.S, Japan, and Europe so it’s enough to make us want to keep it going for a while yet.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

U.S tour in 2006 for sure, dates in Germany, Ireland, new stuff? Wait and

Any final comments?

Due to the fact that we have had a resent line-up change, we are now back up to speed with a fast and furious set to play once again and we are now looking for more gigs, don’t be shy give us a call if you know of a venue you would like to be DEMOBED tel. 07876105328 we’re cheap and cheerful and here to please.

Can I end by saying a big thanks to all who have supported DEMOB and made it a great journey so far, watch this space!!

And remember “If It Ain't Punk It Don’t Rock”

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