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20/10/2001 (interview with Andy K)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

DEMOB was formed in late 1978 by Terry Elcock (Rhythm Guitar) & Johnny Melfah (Drums). They both lived in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Gloucester. Famous nationally for its mental institution Coney Hill. The two became aware of the Punk Rock movement of this time and decided to create the first Punk Band in their native city and called it DEMOB.

The duo soon attracted a lot of local attention, due to the rehearsal room that was being used; Terry's bedroom in his mothers 4-bedroom council house.

In the beginning, there were like most punk bands of this time a number of line-up changes, and then the band became a stable unit consisting of:

Mark (Miff) Smith Vocals
Terry Elcock Guitar
Paul (Fatty) Price Bass Guitar
Johnny (Ringo) Melfah Drums

The group's first gigs were played at local concert halls to help get the youth off the streets, these were held with the full backing of the authorities to help reduce crime and muggings taking place on most Saturday afternoons in Gloucester City's town centre.

DEMOB's first big break came in the summer of 79 when they fooled the authorities into letting them have a place in Gloucester's annual carnival parade. The now ever increasing support and following for the band resulted in a mass riot between the Punks and Bikers and the suspension of the carnival. This riot made national press and interest from a local record label

Round Ear Records

, who agreed to finance the release of the first single



John Peel

(BBC Radio I) and

Garry Bushell

(Sounds Music Paper) helped promote the initial success of the hand because they both liked the serious undertones of the lyrics in the bands first single



The group went on to support a lot of acts around the punk circuit at this time such as



UK Subs

, and

The Angelic Upstarts




The Beat

, to name but a few. Most gigs ended with police presence and violence due to the now notorious following The Demob Riot Squad.

A second single, "No Room For You" quickly followed to add to their success but then as happened with a lot of bands in this era, musical indifferences soon developed within the band and they split to pursue separate musical avenues.

In September this year DEMOB have reformed for 2 reasons: one, America's calling, and two, to help the new generation of music lovers, enjoy this time revisited.The new line-up is as follows:

Terry Elcock- Guitar
Johnny Melfah- Drums
Andy Kanonik- Vocals
Richy Baldwin Bass


Anti-Police/Teenage Adolescence, Round Ear records

No Room For you/Think Straight/New Breed, Round Ear records

Describe the sound of the twenty-first century Demob?

The sound of the twenty-first century DEMOB is the same as the twentieth century.

Why did you choose the n

ame Demob?
The name DEMOB came about when one night in the bands favorite watering hole the Coach & Horses, John Melfah jumped up on a table and shouted out, look! We're starting a band and we are looking for a name. Someone just shouted out how about DEMOB.
The rest is history.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

Highlight of the band was when John Peel said on his show "Here is a new punk band I would love to play you the A-side but due to the serious undertones of the record I can only play you the B-side, here's Teenage Adolescence". And the release of the records.

Lowest point of the band; being chased out of the gigs because of the brain dead few who hadn't a clue.

Favorite songs of each band member:

Favorite songs of each band member:

John- all Demob songs
Terry- You Make me Sick- Satans Rats
Andy- Babylons Burning- Ruts
Richy- Love Song- The Damned

What is the punk scene like in your area, and what is the last band you saw play?

The punk scene is quite quiet in Gloucester, only Four Foot Fingers and now ourselves are keeping the flame burning. Also the odd Punk all-dayer, but things will change if we have our way.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001/2002.

11 track album planned for Christmas we hope, but it will happen, Holidays in the Sun in Brighton, July 2002 so I have been told, and any other gig that anyone wants us to play.

Any final comments?

We have been away, but there is some Unfinished Business, glad to be back.Are you ready to be DEMOBED

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