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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We started rehearsing in winter 2000 when Ray, Nic and myself decided to start a band as a punkier alternative to our other bands GUNDOG and KNUCKLEDUST. The natural choice to front the band was Liz since her contribution to backing vocals on GUNDOGs 2nd album or during live sets had gone down well with the crowds. After a few rehearsals, James joined the band making the definite line up as follows:

Ray: drums, Nic: guitar, James: guitar, Herve: bass, Liz: vocals.


We booked an afternoon in the studio in March 2001 to record 3 demo tracks which turned out to sound so good that we released them on a 7 ep in April: TV Dreams (New Blood 06)

We will have a song on the forthcoming "tribute to the Business" cd and we'll record our full length over the summer, it'll be available for HITSmoke.

If you were writing a review about Deadline, how would you describe the band?

That is a hard question... we see it as fast, melodic HC punk, streetpunk, whatever you wanna call it, with some rocky riffs and tuneful vocals but with lots of agression at the same time. Bands like early Bad Religion, early DC bands and all the UK sound circa 82 (Ejected, 4 Skins etc...) are a big influence I guess.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Since we're a "new" band and many people have never heard our songs before, we have a few crowd pleasers like Sparrer's "Riot Squad", or Rezillos' "Top of The Pops", but they'll change after the summer...any requests?

Is there any band you would feel particularly honoured if they covered a Deadline song? If so, who and what song would you like them to do?

ANY band covering ANY of our songs would make us proud, be it THE BUSINESS or SCUM from Rotherham...

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

Yes we do work, sometimes too much... Ray works in scaffolding, Nic in flooring, James decorates, Liz is an electrician and I work in a school. Sometimes it's really hard to combine a band (sometimes 2!...) and work commitments, but we've managed so far...

Do politics and music go together?

Personnally I don't have much time for politics, but I guess that whenever you write a song with a social content, you're being political in a way...most of the 80's bands were political, look at the lyrics of bands such as the 4 Skins, Abrasive Wheels, etc... Now, if you're talking about extremist "politics", I think it's a shame to spoil some great tunes with silly lyrics! In MY eyes, music is a way to escape from your daily routine and worries and nothing else. If I'd like to change the world, I'd go to political meetings and stuff. I go to gigs to meet my friends, have a few drinks, talk bollocks and have a dance, full stop!

Given there are French members in the band, please describe the main differences in the British and French scene past and present.

There is only one member holding a French passport, me. As for the rest they were all born East of London...
The British scene has been doing much better lately, SOMETIMES we have big turnouts at the gigs we put in central London, but people still need to "support their scene" more actively, there are lots of good new bands out there and they're so much better than some of the "old" bands...
That's where it's different on the continent: people wouldn't mind travelling to see new bands...for example: we played with GUNDOG + ON FILE in the middle of fuckin nowhere 2 hour south of Paris: 300 punters. Our 2 bands + Argy Bargy, Beerzone etc etc in London: 100 punters...

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

As I said previously, our cd will be available in November 2001. We play small gigs in pubs and stuff on a regular basis, so it shouldn't be too hard to catch us live, yet if you like bigger venues better, we'll play HITS in Morecambe, HITSmoke in November and Wembley Arena in December.

Any final comments?

Thank you for your help and good work with the website, make sure you catch us live sometimes!

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