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Dead Heros

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The current line up of the band is Tony from NYHC band criminal intent on drums, Johny G on guitar, Captain Nick on Bass and myself (JJ) on vocals. We just got rid of a member cause hes a fuckin scumbag so replacing him will be our friend Luke eemia. The band started i think back in 2002. The scene sucked since the Pipeline closed its doors and their wasnt shit really going on as far as any kind of "real" punk bands. I had just gotten out of prison at the time and Johny was jamming out with some of his friends but they really didnt have a singer. I needed something to keep me out of trouble at the time being that i was on parole so i stepped in on the mic. Since than weve had a shitload of members and im sure theyll be a whole shitload more!


Hmmm, not much but we got a shitload of stuff in the works.

So far we got- self released cd/demo
S/t 7" ep on Headache Records

" Streets Of America" comp. United Riot records
"The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Tribute To The 4 Skins" comp. Song "Sorry". Workers United Records (to be released this Year)

We just worked out a deal with Street Anthem records and well be doing a split cd with the original Riot Squad from the UK followed by a full length.

So who are your heroes (or inspirations), dead or otherwise?

All of our friends who have passed, anyone that’s notorious, people who’ve been ridiculed, persecuted, shunned etc. for their beliefs. People who rose out of the gutter and made it on their feet. We’ve noticed this growing trend of punk rockers nowadays thinking they're rock stars, so our band name is basically saying were no one to look up too, false hopes, etc.

Describe your sound and the main themes to the lyrics?

We definitely got a hard-nosed oi! Sound to us. Hard vocals, drunken gang singalong back up vocals, Lotsa guitar leads but all in the basic 3 chord tradition.(ok, maybe 5 sometimes!) Lyrically i try to keep it as real as possible. A lot of it is personal experiences but i keep the subject matter to where people of our class can relate to. I think Bruce Rohers from MRR summed it up best, he said the lyrics touched on the frustrations of youth trapped in the working class world of have nots. Some of our subject matter deals with prison, alcohol/substance abuse, losing yer mind, dead friends, experiences while squatting, not having a fair chance in life due to yer working class background, hating society, soldiers and a lot more. But overall, most of the stuff that hits the paper is pretty negative!

I read you are involved in a couple of upcoming complications? Who are they with, what tracks are you doing and how did it come about?

Yeah, were doing a song on a tribute to the 4 skins comp on workers united records. Were doing the song sorry (and I’m sorry that i picked that one) . I seen the add that they still needed bands so i jumped on that like right away being that the 4 skins have been such an influential band fer me and the rest of my guys. We just finished the recording last night, i cant say im too happy with it but its still such an honour to be involved in a project like that. I hear the disc is gonna have some liner notes by 4 skins member Hoxton Tom and Gary Bushell. Well also be appearing on the "Streets Of America" compilation on United Riot Records, which is a new label from NY.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

Id have to say our highlight was opening up for the Adicts. We played to a sold out crowd and there was like 75 people outside who couldn’t get in. That night, everyone was in such a fuckin awesome mood because they knew they were in for a good show, and anyone who’s seen the Adicts knows what im talking about! But id have to say, we played our hearts out that night and the crowd was great, really responsive to us and its always a plus seeing faces you’ve never seen, up front and singing our songs with us.

Our lowest point in the band is when 2 of our members were involved in a serious drunk driving incident. It was the night before we were scheduled to play with the lower class brats and people were coming from all over the place to this show. There was all kinds of anti racist action groups and under cover federal agents at the show because there was this big rumour going around that a local Nazi skinhead gang were coming to cause trouble. (they never showed). But anyway, during the accident the car flipped and our drummer was thrown through the back windshield. He suffered from internal bleeding, a broken pelvis in 2 spots, a broken femur and he had to get an operation and have metal rods put through his legs. During the operation one of his lings collapsed but he made it through. The doc said he wouldn’t be able to walk again for months let alone get behind a drumset. 2 weeks later this motherfucker is walkin around on crutches and behind the drums in 3 weeks! Johny was involved to but only suffered from a mild concussion, but i don’t think he’s ever come out of it!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what and why?

Hmmm. We dont really do em anymore but we used to cover "live fast die young" by the violators, you know that oompa loompa song rumpa rumpa! No reason in particular for doing it but i think theyre a fuckin awesome band, i like that whole gang element dark side thing going on. We used to play "violence" by the Oppressed cause its sucha great singalong and sometimes at practice Johny likes to fuck around and show off his guitar skills by playing "decapitated" by Broken Bones. What a dick.

Do you think street music will rise again? What is the scene like where you are and what can people do to make it better?

Well, im in no position to say if it will or not, but if it does lets hope its for the right reason. It just seems like a lot of the shit people are doing nowadays is just shit that’s been sung about over and over again. And when the person singing it is working in some office, fantasizing about fucking his bosses wife while listening to Kenny G, pulling in 100,000 a year, it really doesnt mean shit when he’s saying "working class oi oi oi!". Its like, what the fuck are you rebelling against? It just seems like a lot of people aren’t authentic. It’s like some cute retro fashion thing or something, they get a Mohawk, a couple of tattoos and start a punk band. It seems like the suburban” cool kid" mentality is creeping its way into the punk scene. Its like they were rejected from the football team cause they date raped some girl or something so they think they can get into the punk scene and become popular through punk. The rock star trend is on the rise in punk rock. Its the same old boring sex drugs and rock and roll attitude all the hair metal bands of the 80's had. In fact, vie noticed a lot of these people actually listing that shit as influences! Puuuuuuuuuuuuke! Alls im saying is that street music is dead if the people playing it are in it for the wrong reasons. Punk was an alternative to rock star bullshit, so as long as these people stay out of it, were in good shape!

As far as the scene here goes, its picked up over the last year or 2. Theres so many shows going on i cant even afford to go to half of them! But people can definitely make it better by getting involved. If youre sick of seeing the same local bands, start a band. If yer always bitching that theres no shows in yer area, put on a show. If yer sick of assholes breakin up the shows, break their faces. Also, the scene would be alot better without all the fuckin drama queens and fashion whores. Get a clue fellas!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

Find a permanent rhythm guitar player, stay out of jail, summer tour, split cd with Riot Squad (possibly Red Flag 77), stay alive, full length LP, well be doing some dates with Frankie Flames band Superyob and possibly the Deadline, scene unity fest in Long island and i think that’s all fer now.

Any final comments?

Yeah, i wanted to say thanks to you for putting Riot Squad in touch with us. Oh yeah and...................i love all of you. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT! Maybe next time.

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