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The Damned
04/03/2004 (interview with Captain Sensible)

I guess when you started the band you had no idea you would still be playing gigs. What keeps the band going after all this time? And how do you still find inspiration?

Blimey, what could be better.... twanging a guitar and behaving badly for a living - marvellous stuff. I get excited when I get the guitar in my hands... its always different, never boring with this band. Partly because we are capable of improvising, partly the songs, and partly the audience, who are an entertaining bunch in their own right, gawdblessem!

How do you feel the band has developed since you started? And how have you noticed the scene change as a whole?

We made sure we never repeated ourselves in the studio... each album is completely different from the rest. We all listen to varied and occasionally weird music - from Messian to Neu via the MC5 with a bit of Stereolab mixed in for good measure, so theres always fresh influences to be had.

Where abouts in the world are the Damned best received these days?

Wherever there are people eager to wash the unpleasant sound of pop idol out of their ears.

Over the years what jobs have the band had as well as being in the band?

I do a bit of trainspotting occasionally but apart from that I'm pretty lazy.

With Patricia taking time off from the band, how can people expect the sound to change? In your opinion which has been the best Damned line-up?

Theyve all had their own particular charm and sound. Algy used to use metal picks (check out the Love Song intro) and was into speed metal. They were the 'chaos years' where anything could happen - and usually did. Paul's flambouyant basslines are remembered with great affection by all who saw him perform with us. The original Brian James foursome could play some pretty extreme sets and used to send the faint hearted running for the exits, ha ha.


Would the Damned allow one of their songs to appear in a commercial? If so, what would you like it to be advertising?

What a good idea.... maybe a beer commercial. I'd love to do one for the Fullers brewery - London Pride is such a wonderful pint, belch!McDonalds can bog off though.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know

Pinch (the drummer) jumped ship while on tour and stayed behind in San Diego with the rather tasty burlesque dancer Mimi Lemeaux.

Brian James is producing lots of bands in the gloriously sleazy Brighton studio known only as 284.

When not playing organ with the Damned Monty the Moron wipes peoples bottoms for a living as part of his jobs as a psychiatric nurse.

We accept gifts of beer, wine, videos (saucy or otherwise), boiled sweets, kisses from pretty girls... in fact anything that will jolly the touring along a bit.

Although we all detest Cliff Richard (and its mutual) Dave and myself have to agree that his 'Move It' tune WAS a hell of a single. Maybe we should cover it???

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

Yes please.

Any final comments?

I enjoy doing the official damned website, its quite interactive -
especially the messageboard. Blimey, they do talk some old cobblers sometimes but theyre a friendly bunch all the same. Some of them are train spotters too, wouldyabelievit!!!

Final FINAL comment?

Bush and Blair? Iraq? Top up fees? Dont blame me - I voted Loonie!

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