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Crucified Venus
03/03/2003 (interview with Garry)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

C.V started off in 94 as a band called Speedball,after constant line up changes and finding out there is a SB in the U.S we decided to change our name about 10 minutets before our first CD was to go to the printers in 1999.



Scriblings of a mad man is the offical Cd LP and a single called stand and deliver was put out,in 2002.we put together a EP with old and new songs called LIMITED EDITION only 100 made...were also on a few comps.

If you were writing a review about Crucified Venus, how would you describe the band?

C.Vs sound is very Phat these days its got a real heavy bass sound we mix all elements Punk /OI/ Hardcore and Rock N ROLL..we are very Original i think..we don't play at 10000mph i like people to hear my Lyrics...The band are 3 heavy weights and a Rock God who get into all types of hard angry music, 2 building workers a debt collecter and a out of work artist, cocktail for confusion for the political punk..ha ha ha

Why did you choose the name Crucified Venus and what other existing band names do you rate?

the name CRUCIFIED VENUS came from a contraversal Australian artist NORMAN LINDSEYS sketch named THE CRUCIFIED VENUS in 1920's.. its a nude chick nailed to a cross with demons around her feet with their tongues out

How does the sound of Australian punk differ in the sound and lyrical content compared with UK, European and American punk?

i can't speak for Australian bands across the board because alot of them do sound british and alot sound American. i find those bands fucking boring, (not that i don't like U.K or American punk i Doi love both)but the ones who have the aussie flavour are real, i think we have certain heavyness in oz due to bands like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. C.V also has a big english influence due to my music tastes, The lyrics in C.V are about where we live and things that we realate to, its no good singing about being a Cockney rebel and living near the beach in sunny Sydney, its false,we are the real deal, i'm not shy to right about any subject that i think is worth writing about..

Tell the reader a little about the Australian scene, and how often do you get to see non Australian bands play?

The sydney scene is fucked, a lot of beer bands and emo crap. Too many songs about drinkin, but a lot of fresh faces are going to shows now and some old ones comming back.If o.s bands come out there is always good turn out people come out of the wood work,we get a fare share of o.s bands down hear , more American than English unfortunatetly would like to see top name british punk/oi bandsin oz..Queensland has a healthy scene, as far as the rest of the country i don't know.. punk lives all over though..

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

THE 4 SKINS or LAST RESORT, i have seen a lot of top punk bands who i would love to see again.. as well

How did playing this years HITS come about, and what else have you got planned when you are over here?

i went to HITS Japan last year and took some discs over and handed em out to the orginisers and to the bands ,then made constant contact with HITS since and offerd to pay our own way helped alot, we got a show with the LURKERS and SANDIEST from JAP and one other show after HITS ,we can;t stay long because of finances..

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

we got plenty of gigs on our home turf,we are going to Queensland to do some shows with the mighty MOUTHGUARD before we come over..i hope to get in the studio when we get back but its all down to the almighty $$ we've got plenty of new songs to put down..

Any final comments?

sorry about my spelling i left school to early,should of listend to mum, come check us out at hits we are the only Aussie band there and need the support,check our site out www.crucifiedvenus.com and cheers Rebbeca its people like you who have made the scene the way it should be - Global.

Cheers Garry Vocals C.V.

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