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08/11/2000 (Interview with Martin, Ivor & Griff)


Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band formed in 1984 in Wolverhampton, and only Martin the guitarist survives from the original line up. The band have toured regularly around the UK and Europe. Currently the line up is; - Griff - vocals, Martin - guitar, Ivor -drums and Trogg - bass.


Familiarity Breeds Ep
War On The Poor EP
Justice For Who? EP

Still Fightin On CD
Live In Hagen CD
Shouting The Odds CD/LP

...... plus tracks on loads of compilations

Have any band members played in other bands, if so what?

Ivor has played in loads of bands including Refused Entry, Visions Of Change, Intention and currently plays in IOD.

Martin, as well as playing in Contempt has played in old bands such as Fear Inside, Annorexia and Limited Talent.

Trogg played in Sensa Yuma, Police Bastard and Tenonts.

Ian has played in LD50.

Griff - Urban Excretia.

Describe your sound and the main themes to your songs.

Mid tempo-fast singalong punk rock. Lyrically our stuff is largely anti establishment political stuff with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Some of the topics we cover are animal rights, striking, class war, the way football is being destroyed by business, environmental issues, poverty etc etc...

What is the best gig Contempt have ever done and who else was on the lineup?

We've done loads of good gigs over the years, but the best gigs with the current line up were on the last European tour. Two gigs particularly stand out. One in Dresden and the the other in Leipzig. We were playing with a German band called 'Todshicker'. The crowds at both gigs were going mad and were well into us.

If you could see any band play live, with of the past or present who would it be?

Ivor - Dead Kennedys
Griff - past Dead Kennedys, present Cock Sparrer (again!)
Martin - bands like The Ruts/Clash again in their hayday

What is the best sentence you have ever heard that someone managed to get into a songs lyrics?

Martin - a track from one of the Subhumans Ep's, I think it was 'Big City'. The line went "flyingsuad? what a faarce, if pigs could fly, they wouldn't need cars'. Taking the piss out of the police with some humor thrown in is the sort of thing we like.

What is the punk/oi scene like in your area?

Varies, in Birmingham The 'Old Railway' in Digbeth has a lot of bands on, and the 'Hand & Heart' in Coventry is doing a lot, but that's about it in the West Midlands. A mate of ours 'Bic' is trying to put some gigs on in Telford, but he's finding it difficult to get a regular venue.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000-2001.

We've got a couple o gigs in November coming up, in Bradford on the 11th and Derby 24th. We'll have a bit of a break over Christmas and new year, cos Ivor, our drummer is planning to visit Africa. While he's away we'll carry on writing some new material for an album to be released next year. We're hoping to tour Poland/Czech Republic some time next year.

Any final comments?

Form your own band, promote some gigs, write your own zine - it's the best way to keep punk healthy and on the map. Don't keep dragging the old bands out of the woodwork to do what you could do better yourselves!!!!

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