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Combat Shock
20/03/2002 (interview with  Mel)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We staggered into action in late 94. The first line up featured sonny and Mel and a bunch of Herbert's (hello Matty and Shithead) and those were the days when we had two singers (Mel and Matty). We played loads of UK gigs, recorded the BORN TO BOOZE demo and split up after a hazardous tour with POLICE BASTARD.

Soon after we we,re back on our feet. This time with a more youthful line up from Wisbech! (Mel, Mooner, lee and sonny) Once again we played all over the Uk, recorded a split demo with the BUS STATION LOONIES and then followed it with our debut Lp on Bomb Factory Records. Years later , we released an Ep on Weird Records! After a tour of France in 2000 Lee decided to leave for a career in fatherhood, Mel and sonny moved to sunny Brighton. The current line up is Mel on vox, Mooner on guitar, Garth on guitar, Bemble on bass and Sonny on drums. The saga continues.......


)Our first demo was "BORN TO BOOZE" which was released back in 1995 which has now long since sold out next came the split demo with the BUS STATION LOONIES which has also sold out we then had a 21 track CD LP out on BOMB FACTORY entitled WISHFUL DRINKING you can apparently still get hold of this but is quite tricky to find so we have been told. We then had a single released on WEIRD RECORDS which came out in July 2000, this has now also sold out. BEAT BEDSIT RECORDS has just released a split CD single of us and ANAL BEARD which has two new songs on and one anal beard cover on this has been released to coincide with our tour in march of this year

Describe your sound and the main theme of the lyrics

I suppose you could say we are a noisy anarcho/hardcore/streetpunk band with a sense of humour and a belly full of beer! We have no particular theme to our lyrics but i suppose they are mainly on a "social/ political" level, with songs about beer for good measure! One of our latest forthcoming ditties is called T.W.A.T (the war against Tony) and is about Tony Blair being a puppet to George W Bush and how we are sick of seeing Blair forever licking Bush's arse. (some people would pay money for that!).

How did the band get together in the first place and why did you choose the name Combat shock?

We got together out of a joint appreciation of punk and also boredom as I think most bands do! I (Mel) had never been in a band before sonny had been in other bands before like PUS the others had been in various bands as well. As for our name we got that from an old Vietnam gore film!!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

I think the funniest thing that ever happened to us whilst on tour was the time when we went on tour with W.O.R.M a few years ago. We were driving from Southampton to London when our drummer Sonny informed us that he needed to go for a shit, but we could not stop as we were on the motorway and he was to shy to go at the side of the road, so basically he had to wait until we found a services, so to try and forget that he needed to go he went to sleep. When we arrived in London he jumped out of the van and ran inside to go to the bog, only he emerged ten seconds later looking very sheepish, it turned out he had shit himself in his sleep and had not realised. So for that little episode he won the punk points cup that W.O.R.M had brought with them !!

What is your favourite compilation album Combat Shock have appeared on, and why?

We have not really got a favourite to be honest. We,ve been on the "keep it angry" comp (bomb factory) which was a benefit for the hunt sabs association, and we were also featured on a rape crisis benefit on outcast recs from America. Recently we were featured on Beat Bedsit Recs comp which was to raise money for a new club called the Cowley club in Brighton which will be based on something like the 1 in 12 club. We are also going to be featured on a Crass label covers Lp on Ruptured Ambitions(we do an Omega Tribe cover) and also punk Aid vol 1 in aid of cerebral palsy, all these albums deserve our support we reckon!

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

The scene is great in Brighton we have the JUST ONE LIFE collective who put on loads of hardcore gigs in various venues Buzz also runs his own record shop as well called punker bunker so if you,re ever in this part of the world then we recommend sticking your nose in! Beat Bedsit put on plenty of evens as well these tend to be more quirky/punky, they also host a series of spoken word events as well. Ian Beerzone puts on alldayers at the Junction in burgess Hill and these tend to be more streetpunk orientated. We ourselves have put on one gig with Red Flag 77, Lovejunk and ourselves, we called ourselves "decidedly fishy promotions"

What bands would you recommend checking out?


Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

We are touring the UK in March with Anal beard and Asbest from Germany . Then we aim to record some more of our new songs for our forthcoming Ep called T.W.A.T on Weird records, we also aim to play as many gigs as possible (any offers get in contact)

Any final comments?

Cheers Rebecca for the interview if anyone wants to get in touch then they can email me at mel.gordaine@iconlive.com

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