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19/06/02 (Interview with Davey)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The Cock-Up's! started at the end of September 2001.We had three pratices and decided to play all of our six songs (plus a cover) to who ever actually gave three shits to listen.So in the past nine months we've played out of Leicester a few times and even recorded twice! so with that out the way our current line-up is:

Davey - Bass and Vocals
Cliff - Guitar and b/vocals
Alex - Guitar and b/vocals
Al - Drums and b/vocals


Pretty small at the moment but here it is:

February 2002 - 'Piss 'Ead Punx' - self released
but we have got some more stuff to be released on various comps.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Yep we all have, non of us have been in anything amazing but me and Cliff both played in Social Disorder, Alex played in Old Skool Filth and our drummer Al played in what could be the worst band name in history called 'Batman and the Robins'!

If you were writing a review about the Cock-Ups, how would you describe the band?

Young Anarchic punx who get up ya nose and spit in ya face without a second thaught, musicly very '82 sounding but lyricly very political.

What is the best gig the Cock-Ups have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

Ah this is easy, G.B.H by far! it was fucking awsome.Even better than playing with the u.k subs (and that was fucking brilliant), there were also some great local bands on the bill aswell including, The Nags, Old Skool Filth and 100 handslap.Brilliant night all round.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

I've seen them before at Astoria but i'd probably say Conflict i just switched everything around me off and it was fucking mind blowing, mind you i must admit i took Alex-Jade (my girlfreind) to see Mighty Mighty Bosstones at The Charlotte, Leicester exspecing it to be shit and fucking loved it.

Name the best 5 releases of the past 12 months.

I'm fed up of always seeing people listing big bands so i'm ging to stick up for the little guy cos theres some fucking great smaller bands out there,

Rong'uns - Social Control - Weird Records
Active Slaughter - Smash HLS - Self released
Operation Nail Bomb - Lifes too short - Tartan Records
Violent Subversion - returning the attack - Alienated Records
The Filaments - Skull and Trombones - New Blood Records

What is punk?

Ha ha the age old question, well punk is a beutiful thing that should never die, its great to see younger punx mixing with older punx and keeping the sceene alive, if you've got something to say, then say it but if your going to talk shit or moan about you girlfreind dumping you then that ain't punk so do everyone a favour and piss off.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

We'll we hope to release a single our selfs to sell when we finally hit the road again in August, but thats just cos we're lazy bastards who still need to get our arses back in the studio and record our new e.p, gig wise anybody who can offer us anything we'll take it.
So yeah we've got ourselfs going now so who knows.

Any final comments?

Yeah just like to thank all the Leicester bands especially The Nags, Rong'uns and Setback.Also Rich Lard (Dog Shit Sandwich) who's been fucking great with getting us outside Leicester, all bands we've played with, Jen and Dave, Alex-Jade, Nightmare + Shelly, Vick + Nick and my boss Paul @ The Attik, Leicester.Also anyone we forgot. No thanks to the tossers who feel it appropriate to slag off the people who help the sceene when they sit on there arses doing nothing but fucking judging, fuck off it's the only way you can help.

Davey Cock-Up!
also check out http://www.thecockups.co.uk