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Clockwork Crew
09/04/2001 (intevew with Peter)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Weve been going now for about four years. The band was started by me, Peter, and a (then) fellow of mine back in 1996. We thought itd be in place to start a band of this kind since there were (and are) not many bands around here playing punk rock. Said and done, now we started looking for
friends an others who knew how to play. We found us a drummer and a guy who played bass. I was on guitar at the time. We rehearsed, recorded a demo and played a few stray gigs. From that
moment on weve been changing line up several times. I switched over to vocals, our first drummer had to go an in came Henrik Helander, who appears on the "United Skins E.P." and on the "....And You Are Invited" E.P, but soon he fell in love and was lost. We got Dennis Wilson on guitar at the
time for the aforementioned recordings and also Erik Nyholm on bass. We stood drummerless for a while but the all of a sudden our present drummer popped up, Christian Lagerstrm. And here we are today!The Clockwork Crew of 2001:
Peter Aspegren - Vocals
Dennis Wilson - Guitar
Erik Nyholm - Bass
Christian Lagerstrm - Drums


F"Unite!" - Demo 1996
The United Skins E.P." German six track 7" 1998
"....And You Are Invited!" Swedish E.P. 1998
"The Clockwork Anthology" Swedish CD 2000"

The Clockwork Anthology" are available from Rough T, Box 149, SE-136 23, HANINGE, SWEDEN or at www.clockworkcrew.b3.nu

Have any of the band members gone up dressed in 'clockwork' style?

Well, yes. I actually did that once at a gig in Stockholm a couple of years ago, but that was the one and only time. I think thats all behind us now, I mean it was funny when we started but now I cant find any reason to do it. Just dont feel like it anymore.

Describe your sound and the main themes to your lyrics.

I must say that I find it quite hard to describe our sound, but we have been compared to the likes of the Business, the 4-Skins and Sham 69 several times. Its all nice being compared like that, but I hope that we generate a sound of our own and maybe that could be described as good old punk rock in the veins of aforementioned British heroes. We never wanted to be copies of anything (of course) and I sincerely hope that were not, but thats up to you to decide after listening to us. What the lyrics are concerned I write about what goes on around us in our daily lifes. There are no "main theme" but I believe in writing about things like unity for example. Im sure that this scene of ours wont survive unless we unite; Skins, Punx and Herberts! And unity comes in many different
shapes........The Business song "Real Enemy" say it all really.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Peter: "Everybodys right, everybodys wrong" or maybe "Lost on highway
46". Anyway, Sham 69 rule!
Dennis: "Johnny Barden" - The Last Resort
Erik: "Secret Army" - Cock Sparrer
Christian: "Bad Ass Rocking" - Henry Fiats Open Sore

Is oi! on the return in Sweden? What is the scene like where you live.

Sadly enough - no Im afraid not. But who knows, bands like us actually do exist and maybe one day well be back! "Never Surrender!" as teh old saying goes. The scene over here are not that much of a scene at all. Gigs are hard to find and when theres actually a gig, then theres almost nobody there. Its a shame really, but come to think about it there have been some increase of people at our gigs lately..... Swedish bands of our kind have to ga abroad to get some real response, but
theres nothing bad about that so dont hesitate to drop us a line if youre interested in booking us.

What is the last band you went to see and were they any good?

I cant remeber really, and then you get the picture of what its like over here when were talking gigs!

Name the best 5 releases of 2000/01.

There are only two that comes to mind when I write this: "Rarities 77-80" -Sham 69 (Captain Oi! rec.) and "From Protest To Resistance" -The Protest (Bulldog Power rec.)

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

Well, were about to get our behinds back into the studio again to record some demos. Hopefully well get the chance to have them released ony any intersted label later this year. Were actully looking for a new label to work with since we had to break with our former one. We have quite a few gigs planned here in our hometown and in other parts of our country. Probably well do some festivals but so far nothing abroad. Looks like the summers coming......... Were also looking forward to the release of our debut full lengt album "What About Us". The CD will contain twelve songs and are planned to be out within the next few weeks. Please visit us at www.clockworkcrew.b3.nu for more information concerning gigs, releases and merchandise.

Any final comments?

Thanks to you Rebecca for doing this interview and also a big thank you to all of you out there who bought our records or are involved in the scene in any way! FANX!!

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