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Citizen Keyne Interview


How would you describe the band in terms of sound, lyrics and attitude?

Difficult question really as in regards sound we have not really ever tried to emulate anyone and never had a game plan as to who we would like to "sound like" there's plenty of tribute bullshit out there getting paid a lot of money to rip off other people, we kind of went with a sound that as a band we were happy with. I have read people who say we sound like the Pistols meeting Sham 69 but I am sure people will have their own opinions. I would say that we don't sound like your "traditional" Oi band though we certainly have a punkier edge I think. Lyrically I write about things that have actually happened or are currently happening around us, sometimes that can be close to the line in todays PC driven scene but we wont hide the facts just because it may upset or offend people. I think I can speak for the band when I say that our attitude has and always will be if you don't like the truth then don't listen, if you don't like the band then don't buy the music its simple really !

What is the most common misconception about the band?

Hahaha I think we all know the answer to that one. I can write paragraph after paragraph about the right wing/Nazi accusations but to be honest I am fed up of wasting my time defending the band against accusations that were never true in the 1st place. We currently have 4 albums out containing around 55 songs in total, not one of those songs can in anyway be tagged as political in anyway shape or form, we have never played a right wing gig, covered a right wing song in our live set or shown or voiced any opinion in regards support for politics of any kind yet someone decided that because I had the number 18 tattooed on my arm it MUST be in connection to politics, had the person in question actually asked me I would happily of explained it was the date my daughter was born, I asked what in their minds the 26 on the other arm referred to but was ignored, even the girl from Countdown would struggle for a right wing connection for that one. Such is the mentality of these idiots that a rational conversation cannot be had, think our way and agree with us or you must be wrong.... yeah ... fuck off.

I would also add that the snipers and backstabbers also contain people who you would be surprised about, many in "bigger" bands who have in the past played with us yet now ignore us and conveniently forget that we have all played together before, but they are of course "mates" to your face. A lot of people like to talk the talk about standing together etc. yet when its time to walk the walk suddenly the shoes don't fit them anymore. Nothing can come between them and their holy grail slot at Cashbe££ion.  The scene isn't dead yet but in my opinion its certainly on life support. Maybe one day I will tell a few truths about some of the "bigger" bands but for now I am happy that when I look in the mirror I am proud of what looks back at me, there are a lot of people who if they are honest (as if ! ) couldn't say the same.

A quick question of logic to those that have this opinion of the band and there WILL be some reading this and screen shooting to send to send to their mutant friends, if we were a Nazi band with Nazi leanings why exactly would it bother us like it does if people called us it ?

What has been the highest and lowest part of the bands history?

Highest point definitely the day our first album arrived and people actually wanted to buy it, then to have people in CK t shirts at gigs was a buzz. To be honest in the 12 years we have been together and the literally hundreds of gigs we have played in that time I don't really think there has been a low point for us. Having gigs cancelled because of the above I suppose could be considered a low point but we thought fuck it, we will just arrange another one. If you let these people see a weakness they will exploit it so we made sure we never let our guard down and continued to do it the way we wanted and not the way the PC brigade demanded we should we do it. A fact as a band we are very proud of !

Which of your songs/albums are you most pleased with and why?

All 4 albums have a slightly different sound and a theme really, Ungreat Britain was a humorous set of songs and the latest one White Collar Hooligan is far more serious with more of a personal tone based around the hassle the band receive. I would say as a band we are proud of all of them in equal measures but for different reasons. Musically the tunes got more solid and involved as the albums went on and that was down to Floyd and his ever growing ability and confidence, writing lyrics for such class grade tunes was easy really.

The song Stand Proud is a stand out moment for us all I think and it was voted "song of the year" by a very well respected Punk website and I quote " if this song was written by Cock Sparrer it would be an anthem" by the same person. Very nice endorsement to receive.

Who has supported the ‘under dogs' Citizen Keyne over the years? 

I am going to answer this by tweaking the question a bit and give you a list of the so called "bigger bands" that have shared a stage with us but I am guessing a lot would either deny it or never do it again although some would but you can make your minds up over who they are , as for people who have always had out back that's a fairly large list of individuals and bands so without risking forgetting anyone I will just say they know who they are and a lot of them sit alongside us on the naughty step

UK Subs
Vice Squad
Anti Nowhere League
Sham 69
The Warriors
Dirt Box Disco
Booze and Glory
Cockney Rejects
4 Skins
Bad Manners
Peter & The Test Tube Babies
Red Alert
The Meteors
The Crack
Condemned 84
Old Firm Casuals
Gimp Fist

I am sure there are more but I cant remember now ! :-)


You are calling it a day in November, why? And do any of you plan to play in other bands, if so please tell us more?

Contrary to popular belief and I imagine the Keyboard warriors hollow victory cries on their locked down fb pages its really just a case that the band has run its course. Yes of course the constant pissing in the wind battles we have to have for every gig has played its part in as much as it gets boring trying to defend yourself against a faceless enemy as you cant argue with stupidity without an platform to argue on, however lets make it very clear that this is not the sole reason and to those who think they have beaten us you couldn't be further from the truth, so hands of your cocks cause there's no celebratory wank for your self appointed victory. We all have families and I think the time has come to spend more time in that capacity, away from the punk and Oi circus.

Floyd has another band who I believe have been interviewed by you in years gone by, The Tendons and I am sure he will continue with that as they are a British treasure of over 30 years, Damian plays in a another band with friends, Ryan will I think have his weekends full with his two young daughter's and I am seriously considering an acoustic anti fascist country and western hip hop dub reggae acid house gender neutral  project, but that's in the early stages and obviously needs the blessing of the Punk Police anyway :-)

Did the band get to do everything they wanted to achieve? And would you do anything different?

Yeah I reckon we did, we wanted to release an album, we released 4. We wanted to release vinyl, we did. We wanted to play with some of the bands we grew up listening to and we did. Played in Europe on a number of occasions and had fun while we did it, so all in all I think it was a success.

Would we have done anything different? Maybe picked certain ex band members a bit more carefully but overall no I personally wouldn't have done anything differently, we always did it our way and never backed down to anyone or accepted anything just to fit in. That undoubtedly cost us big time in regards getting further than we did and playing on bigger stages with bigger bands BUT we have our integrity in tact and can look back over the years we had knowing not one ego was polished or one cock sucked as a means to get on.

If the band could time travel to any year, and any country where do you think the band would be best received?

Why time travel we were exactly where we needed to be at the time we needed to be there, we played to a lot of fantastic people and have made so many friends over the years no one can take that from us and on a small scale we caused a bit of a stir, a bit of controversy and pissed of the exact people we wanted to piss off by highlighting their stupidity and standing our ground. Job done !

How has the scene changed since you started out as a band and how can you seen it going over the next few years?

The scene has a huge division now thanks to the internet and the cry baby spunk dribbles that troll it looking for their next victim as a means to gain a "victory" for their warped ideals. When we started there was a Oi gig pretty much every weekend, well attended and trouble free, in the spirit of what it was all about. I can only imagine those that caused the problems were jealous and needed a way to destroy it and the easiest trick to pull where skinhead and Oi is concerned is the Nazi card, sadly over the years people decided that instead of standing up and saying fuck off they would fear it instead in case they got tarred with the same brush.

I think that unless the scene and the bigger bands wake up and show some solidarity with each other its in for a very rocky ride, nothings going to change by moaning on facebook, as my old mum used to say "actions speak louder than words"

What bands are you listening to at the moment?  Are there any new bands you would recommend?

I ma listening to a lot of older rock stuff in the car like AC/DC, Maiden, Slayer but there is a abundance of talent out there at the moment, some may not be new as such but is sadly under the radar slightly ... a few I recommend

Tear Up 
B Squadron
Top Dog
Arch Rivals
The Glory
Royal Oi

Plus there are many many more so I do apologies if I have missed you off

Cheers for the interview Rebecca best of luck with the site re launch


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