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How did the band members first meet? And why decide to form a band?

We all met at football or work and having been in bands previously we decided to pool our talents and hence Churchill was born.

What tracks do you currently have and what track would you personally recommend and what is it about?

We have an eight track cd available (which was once meant to be a demo) and a dvd soon to come. We have 25 songs currently written by the band as well as numerous covers. We usually do one cover a gig. Our favourite Church track is ‘Streets Of Fear’, although ‘Steamin In’ is a crowd pleaser.

How would you describe the live 'Churchill' experience and what has been your fav gig to date?

Churchill ‘live’ is about good old-fashioned singalong oi, having a few beers and a laugh.Our favourite gig so far was at Fred Bar, in Morecambe on the Wednesday before Wasted 05. Lots of drunk people dancing and enjoying themselves.

How has the name Churchill gone down? What other existing band names do you rate?

The name Churchill has led to some critisim from a small band of uneducated people who are determined to destroy any harmony within the punk/oi movement with their own political views. We have no political agenda (views yes), and we don’t bring them into Church. The majority of people however, like the name and treat it as such ‘a name’.

We have played with a lot of bands this year with a fascinating array of names, but the name that has stuck out for us is ‘Arthritic Foot Soldiers’ who as well as having a great name, are a great ‘live band.

As a new band, how have you found it finding gigs? Do you have any advice to other bands starting out?

Getting the first two or three is hard and it’s usual playing the local pub. We have been fortunate in knowing O.M.D. who after getting us a few gigs has now become our manager. He is the unsung hero of Churchill as welll as being a top bloke.

Advice to other bands is believe in what you are doing and don’t give up, no matter where you play and how many people turn up.


What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Wilf: Anything by Cock Sparrer or the Clash
Andy: Anything by the man ‘Charlie Harper’
Jess: My Smile Is A Riffle, by Jon Fruscrante!!!
Dillion: Mutant Rock by The Meteors

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

The punk/oi scene in Manchester and locally is supported by a few venues; Thatched House, Star & Garter, The Witchwood. And various promoters; OMD, Ageless Chaps, Tim (Punk For Life) who as well as given the local bands gigs bring in the bigger named bands too.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

DVD out at the end of October and into the studio in January / February to record Churchill’s first album. But we are gigging quite heavily up until Christmas with support slots with 999, Chelsea, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs and Retaliator (see website for details www.churchill.com)

Any final comments?

Thanks for asking for the interview and promoting the punk/oi scene as well as you do. We would also like thank our ladies for putting up with us, OMD, Tim, Bhuddda, Jason, Jordon, Daz, Mad Ron and everyone else for their support and encouragement.

Oi Oi

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