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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Well....we started about two and a half years ago as a duo with me, Rob,on guitar and singing and Pam on singing and space gun. Then Tes, an old, old mate of mine (we were in a band together back in the early 80s called Danse Macabre) joined on drums....he knew a chap called Chris who played bass...so we became a four piece more by accident than design......we're just about to play our 50th gig and this Summer we were lucky enough to go on a two week tour of Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.


"Six Sick Songs For Swinging Space Cats" EP - stuff from our days as a duo.
"No Need For Wise Guys" EP - a split with Fett, The Griswalds and Jack Chimp and the Akroyds
"Song About Nothing" - three track single with just us on it!

plus we've got some tracks of various comp CDs,including a Chas & Dave Tribute.

Our debut CD "Malpleasurabiltiy" should be out soon on Smokin' Troll

Describe your sound.

Gulp...well, we grew up listening to the early punk bands, so I guess it's a 77/78 type sound. Bits of the Ramones/Damned/Rezillos....we've also been compared to DIRT without the politics...I dunno, buy one of our records and make your own mind up.

When you toured abroad, what was the reaction like and how did the audience differ to UK audiences?

We found that abroad people would take more of an interest and stand up the front. They'd also make an effort to talk to you afterwards...the promoters also fed us, gave us free booze and found us places to stay. You don't get that in England!

If you could take a vocalist, guitarist(s), bassist and drummer from different bands to make your perfect band who would you choose (can be deceased)?

JJ Burnell from The Stranglers on bass
Nicky Garret from the Subs on guitar
Rat Scabies on drums
Jello Biafra singing

Wonder what that would sound like??? or the dead one

Sid Viscous on bass
Marc Bolan on guitar
Keith Moon on drums
Stiv Bators on vocals

Why are the band called Chester?

We got the name from a cartoon chicken in a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comic....a friendly name for a friendly band. We were originally called the Puss Ridden Scrotum Scratching Rat Fuckers, but found someone had already used that name (a soul band from Sweden).

If each member of the band was a carton character, which character would they be and why?

flip....that's a really good question...

Pammy would be Benny from Top Cat 'cause she's small and round, Tes would be the Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians 'cause he's an evil puppy murderer, Chris would be Kenny from South Park 'cause he's quiet and dies every gig, and I'd be Peter Perfect from Wacky Races - for obvious reasons.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Pam: You Don't Wanna Go Down in the Basement by The Ramones
Tes: Eloise by Paul and Barry Ryan
Rob: Down in the Sewer by The Stranglers
Chris: Deluxe by Lush

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

We're doing an all-dayer at the Golden Shoe on November 14th and we should be doing a gig with the legendary Tenpole Tudor at Christmas....we want to do as many gigs as possible so get in touch if you can help out....our album "Malpleasurerability" should be out soon plus we've got some tracks coming out on a few comp Cds..

Any final comments?

Eh...thanks to everyone who has helped us by giving us gigs and writing about us in fanzines....come and see us live, write us a letter - support the scene!!!

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