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How did the band members all meet? At one point did you decide to form a band and how long did it take to your first gig? have you all been in other bands, if so what?

We are all drinking mates, with Tim & Steve being brothers too. We just started talking about forming a band as we all wanted to play UK82 type punk.
Sean used to play bass for Braindance and Income Support. Steve played for the Losers & Tim in Gutrot. Dean didn’t play drums until we started the band and picked it up as we went along. We played our fist gig at our mate Iggy’s
birthday party 6 months after forming, along with Discharge & Chaos UK. (Not
bad for a first gig!)

You have gigged with some major bands, how do these gigs come about and is there one person in the band who does most of the arranging? Is there any band you would be partially happy to tour with? What makes for a good gig?

We’ve all been knocking about the punk scene for 25 years now, so we are good mates with loads of bands. As for who we would like to tour with, its got
to be the exploited, and this has just come true because Wattie has asked us to support them next year when they tour. Can’t fucking wait!

Tell us some of the weird and wonderful things that have happened when on the road?

Hopefully someone can tell us! Anyone that knows us knows we don’t just
leave a gig after we play. We always get loaded and party with everyone, so it’s all just a blur really.

How was this years' album received? Lyrically and musically what can people expect ? What is your favourite track on it and what goes down best live?

We are dead pleased with the reviews it’s had, it’s hard as fuck two fingers in the air Punk fucking Rock. It gets its main release on Cargo on Aug 27th. Fave songs keep changing but at the minute its March Together & Shed no

You have an unusual choice of band you cover live - how did this come about? What is the general reaction to when you do it? And has it hindered the band at all? Do you enjoy courting contrivsesy?

Yeah, we cover Skrewdriver’s Antisocial, it’s one of the best punk songs ever made. People forget they were a punk band on the same label as the Damned, before they went became a skinhead band. Playing it has had an effect; there are too many ignorant cunts quick to point the fascist finger without giving it any consideration. (Fuck you, we know who you are.. and do we give a fuck?) These cunts try to push us to the right, but fuck you - it’s not gonna happen, bollocks to your politics. (Was Punk once about freedom of speech?)

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

I'm anti-social, Anti-social, Anti-social. I hate the world.

30 years of punk - something to celebrate or embarrassing commercialism?
Difficult one. It’s good to see a new younger crowd coming through but it seems as if the movement has been sanitized and has lost it’s protest, despite the world having more problems and dangers than it has ever had.

What is the punk scene like in your area and how can you see it changing?

The grass is greener in Notts! We have some good Punk friendly pubs and a
great punk scene despite the efforts of the PC police trying to fuck things up and divide us all. Fuck em, in a year or two they will be back to their middle class lives with their mums wiping their arses.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.
Dean is doing another gig or two then moving on, so we are recruiting a new
drummer at the minute ready for autumn gigs. We have got 4 more songs ready so we hope to have a new EP out before the end of the year.
Any final comments?
ACAB. And cheers to all our mates & the bands for support & dedication. We
couldn’t have done it without them. Massive thanks to Rat

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