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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Cenobites was formed in january 1994 as a trio. We had a lot of line-up changes but now we're a tight quartet with Kiel on drums, Peter on double-bass, Wally on guitar and Dimitri as the singer. The last three years we've been touring all around Europe and we have even been to Brazil twice.
We play a mix of punkrock and psychobilly. We like to call it cenodemonicsounds.


- Rumble party 6 - Fury records (DAG CD9) - 1998 - 1 nummer - Rumble party 7 - Fury records (DAG CD???) - 1999 - 1 nummer
- Revel without a cause - Revel Yell music (RYCD004/005) - 2000 - 2 nummers
- Heel erg Punk live 3 - Tocado Records (0015) - 2000 - 2 nummers - Best of heel erg punk - Tocado records (0020) - 2001 - 1 nummer
- Dance with a chainsaw - Barulho/ Funeral music (Barulho 0035) - 2002 - 1 nummer

- Girl in the woods 7" - Tocado records (0016) - 2001 - 4 nummers
- C.A.M. - Drunkabilly records - verwacht in 2003 - 3 nummers Albums:
- Cenobites 10" - Tombstone records (tomb-ten-105) - 1997 - 8 nummers
- Demons to some…Angels to others - Drunkabilly records (DBR20014) - 2002 - 13

- 2003 De Onweerstaanbare 5 - Popunie records (311202) - 2003 - 2 nummers
- Rocked 'n' loaded volume 2 - Rock'n'roll purgatory (RRP002) - 2002 - 1 nummer
- Power files chapter 16 - Powerplay (PFC16) - 2003 - 1 nummer

I think your new album starts off quite punky, and then goes into psychobilly - how did your sound come about and how would you describe it? What bands would you say influenced your sound the most?

We have a very wide variety of influences and I think that we all brought in our own ideas about music. Bands we like are bands like Motorhead, Demented are Go, 50's rock'n'roll and punkbands like Exploited

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Yes, we have one actually, It's a Rob Zombie song called Halloween. We recorded this song not too long ago and it will be on our next 7". We also played a Misfits song for a while. (Dig up her bones)

Has any band members played in other bands, if so what?

Yeah, everyone except the singer is in another band. P.G Vogeli is also bassplayer in the Dicemen (Psychobilly), Kiel plays drums in Disturbance (Punk) and Wally is guitarplayer in a hardcoreband called Down to Earth

What was the best and worst gig experience you have had and what?

The best gig-experiences are our touring in Brazil. That was awesome. The worst experience was in the U.K. We played at the festival and they pulled the plug on us during the set. We played too loud or something. I always believed that rock'n'roll is never too loud!!

What do you think the best track is on the album? And what inspired the lyrics?

Peter, Wally and Dimitri say that My Mission is the best track. The lyrics are inspired by the church and the pope. Fuck 'em!! Jeroen's favorite is Endless love. He likes it because it has that real rock'n'roll feeling to it. The lyrics were inpired by alcohol although it is a lovesong.

What is the psychobilly/punk scene like in your area?

There aren't many psychobillies around anymore, but there are punks enough to compensate that
loss. When we play in our hometown about threequarters of our audience is punkrocker.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

Like I said earlier we are releasing a new 7" pretty soon. And maybe we can start recording a new album at the end of this year or early next year. We are also planning a U.S. tour for this fall. So we are not sitting still. And last but not least we will lauch a new website soon. (www.cenobites.net)

Any final comments?

Keep on Rockin'

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