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Condemned 84
07/10/1999 (2nd interview)

Since the last interview with 'Punk & Oi in the UK', you have played the Holidays In The Sun festival, how do you feel it went?

We were a bit apprehensive at first as we weren't sure how we'd be received, but it went really well with most of the crowd getting really involved an most importantly



Why do you think some think 'trouble' when they hear the words 'Condemned 84 gig'?

I really can't see why people think, as we've never been a trouble band. Out of around 90 gigs in 3 years from 1984-1987 we only had trouble at about 3 gigs at the most. And 2 of those the trouble was after the gigs, one with casuals in London and another after a Belgium gig. We seem to have a trouble reputation for no reason. People who come to our gigs don't come for trouble they come to have a good time, dance their boots off, get pissed and sing their hearts out. It seems certain people are afraid of us for some reason. We ain't a political band, we're a patriotic band and play for and to the people we want to play to. Not to trendy posers, but to the people who have stood by through think and thin.

People are constantly asking me if you are playing here and there, please can you confirm where you hope to play/tour in the next year?

We play Germany at the end of October in Dresden then in the Midlands, UK in December. January it's Holland. These are the definite. To be added for 2,000 are possibly Belgium, Portugal, France, Italy, Scandinavia and of course the old UK.

Has any of the current line up played in other bands, if so what?

Only 'Mark' the drummer who has played in other bands. He used to be in Special Duties, he played on the first 7" Violent Society which he was credited for and half the 77' In '82 Lp which he didn't get credited for.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

When we were 'Criminal Tendencies' in 1981-83 we had a few covers in the set, ie - Bad Man, Where Have All The Bootboys Gone, other songs we played in practice were Who Gives A Damn (Sham), Paranoid (Sabbath) ha ha. As 'Condemned' the only cover was 'Wonderful World', we've since dropped this, so it's no covers at all now.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Phew, hard one this Mark, Basey, Gunk
Kev - Jonny Bardon (Last Resort) at the moment.

What is the last gig you went to and were the band any good?

Last actual gig I went to was 'One Way System' in Norwich. They were too loud, too intense and chord changes were a blur, the drummer was excellent though. On the night, I thought 'Zero Tolerance' were far better.

Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Probably Marc Bolan, as he was my idol in the 70's and I never actually got to meet him although I did see T Rex live in 1977.

What question would you like to be asked in interviews, but you are never asked? And what is your answer?

I'd like to be asked if we make a lot of money, and the answer's "Not much!" because most people assume that if you're in a band you make shit loads - they're wrong.

Future releases, plus any final comments?

We shall be recording this limited edition 7" for Hammer Records in November and also releasing a new video before Christmas. Cheers to everybody who's supported us and come to our gigs and "KEEP THE FAITH".

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