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Condemned 84


Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Formed in 1981 as "Criminal Tendencies" played one gig then packed up. Reformed as "Condemned" in 1983 then added the '84 in 1984 after our first demo recording. Since then we've released various LP's, CD's, 7" & 12"s and gigged a hell of a lot over the years. The current line up is : Gunk-Bass, Kev-Vocals, Mark-Drums and Baysey-Guitar.


1984 June - 5 Track demo tape.
1986 Feb - Battle Scarred mini-LP on Oi! Recs.
1986 April - This is Oi! Comp LP. 2 Tracks (Jimmy Davey and Teenage Slag) on Oi! Records.
1986 July - Oi! Ain't Dead E.P. on R.F.B. Recs.
1987 March - In Search of the New Breed E.P. 12". 4 Tracks (The Boots go Marching In, Up Yours, We Will Never Die, Kick Down the Doors) - R.F.B Recs
1987 / 1988 - One song on Oi! The Resurrection, The Sound of Oi!, Oi! That's What I Call Music, Oi! Chartbusters Vol. IV, all them on Link Recs.
1988 June - Oi! the Main Event Comp. LP. 2 Tracks (Unite and Wonderful World) on Link Recs.
1988 Aug - Face the Aggression LP on Grade 1 Recs.
1989 Feb - Live & Loud live LP on Link Recs
1991 Jan - Battle Scarred re-issue on 84 Recs.
1991 March - Face the Aggression re-issue on CD by R-O-R Recs.
1991 Oct - The Boots go Marching in LP & CD on R-O-R Recs.
1993 Jan - Storming to Power LP & CD on R-O-R Recs.
1993 March - Working Class Anthems Comp LP. 2 Tracks (When Saturday Comes, Child Killers) on Hammer Recs.
1993 Dec - Battle Scarred/ Live & Loud 2 LP on CD - Street Punk Recs.
1995 - Amongst the Thugs on Hammer Recs.
1995 - We're gonna win E.P. on Grade 1 Recs.
1996 - Re-issued on CD the albums "The Boots go Marching In" and "Face the Aggression" on GMM Recs and "Battle Scarred" on Streetpunk in colored vinyl.
1996 July- "Amongst the Thugs" released on CD by Hammer Recs.
1997 - "Face the Aggression" and "Boots go Marching in" are reissued on LP by 84 records, also "Face the Aggression" is reissued on CD by the same label. In 1998 84 Recs. puts "The boots go..." on CD
1999 - "Blood on yer face" on Solid Inc
1999 - Single due out somtime on Hammer Records

Are you pleased with your new album, and what are the main themes on the album?

We're fairly pleased with the latest album. The only thing we ain't too happy about is the lack of rhythm guitars on the songs which we didn't really have time to put down. The main themes are probably Police Brutality, The Skinhead way of life and how we're affected by the media but the topics are a bit varied.

What is your favourite complimation album Condemned 84 have appeared on?

It's probably "Oi! The Resurrection" with "The Sound Of Oi!" in close second.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

I'd personally like to see T.Rex again, early Rejects, 4-Skins (Hodges line-up), Last Resort (with Roy).

Do you think street music will rise again?

I don't honestly know. It possibly had it's better times when "Sounds" covered it but keep yer fingers crossed and you never know.

Do you think C84 will ever get to play Holidays in the Sun, or any other such UK alldayer gig? Please give a reason for your answer.

I could't tell you at this moment in time, I did get in touch with "Darren"...He said we were under consideration but never got back to me one way or another. We played a gig at one of his venues "The Heath" in Coventry in 1988. There was no trouble whatsoever at this gig and he had no problem with us. I heard some Punk minded people bad mouthed us about "being trouble", perhaps that's why he never got back....we don't know. I think certain people he knew told him there would be hundreds of Skinheads coming as I heard people were coming from all over the world if we played but it could be heresay and rumours as you get a lot of it in this game. We can't worry about it now as it's too late in the day so to speak. It's a possibility that we'll be playing abroad more now thanks to some narrow minded idiots who are scared of Skinheads in general it seems.

C84 are now playing HITS 99 in the UK

What is the oi/punk scene like in your area?

Most of the Skinheads are married with kids nowadays and are working 7 days a week to make ends meet so we don't get together often but they've all "Kept The Faith" so to speak. As to the Punk scene...best ask Ricky about that?

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