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Bus Station Loonies

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Eek! A breif history?! OK, Chris 'Felcher' Wheelchair; closet exhibitionist, tired of siting at the back behind a drum kit, avoiding the limelight with OI POLLOI, SHOCK TREATMENT, CDS, and oodles of other bands. Following a week's worth of attention-seeking escapades during which Deek lost his voice during an OI POLLOI tour, Wheelie (acting as stand-in vocalist) got the taste for frontman malarkey and decided to form his own bunch of desperados. None of them could have believed how much fun they would have (or how knackered they would get!), nor how other people seem to enjoy their gigs too! THE 'LOONIES are proof the world is about to end. Anyway, about 31/2 years, 130 gigs, 2 tours, several bassists, a coupla' guitarists and lotta laughs later (plus a few serious messages thrown in!) and most (un)stable line-up to date is:

Chris 'Felcher' Wheelchair (vocals/kazoo/inflatable guitar), Sean O'Porno (guitar/trumpet/oh-ahs), 'Wild' Johnny Clipboard (bass/backing vocals) and Tony Pubquiz (drums). We're all sad, but Chris and Tony are the worst 'cos they have been in the band right from the start.


Dodgy Cider Fix - debut demo tape (now deleted - it's shite)
A Thin Veneer Of Stage-Paint Rebellion - demo tape
Squiffy On A Small Amount - 7" EP (Campary Records)
A Scream From the Silence vol4, track 'Everyday Bullshit' - compilation LP (Loony Tunes)
Punks, Skins and Herberts vol1, tracks 'Save Our Cider' and 'The Blacksmith's Arms' (Helen of Oi)
Bare Face Hypocrisy Sells Records - The Anti-Chumbawamba comp 7", track 'Give Me Charlie Harper Any Day' (Ruptured Ambitions)
Unlive & Undrugged - CD EP (April Music/Ruptured Ambitions

Still To Be Released
2 tracks ('Doggie Do' and 'Where Is Captin Kirk') on 70's punk compilation (Toxic Stress)
1 track ('H-Eyes') on the Ruts covers comp album (Rejected)
1 track ('The Sideboard song') on the 'New Wave of Chas 'n' Dave' covers comp CD (Spanking Herman)
1 track ('Bossanova Baby') on a 70's Elvis compilation (Sweary)
1 track ('Can't Cheat Karma') on 'Angry Songs & Bitter Words' the Crass Records covers comp LP (Raptured Ambitions)
'Mad Frank's Zonal Disco' debut LP/CD (Ruptured Ambitions)
(all these things should happen sometime in 1999)...

Describe your sound.

Very happy. Sometimes manic. Often cheesy punk cabaret. Aural pants that somehow manages to cheer people up.

What are the main themes in your lyrics?

Cider, beer, off-licences funding the police, cartoon characters, pubs, busses & bus drivers, getting your own back on fascists in authority, nazis in your head, more cider, social comment, having fun, teddy bears, being geeks, loosing your hair & having to shave off your mochicans, prisons, hypocrisy, breaking away from the restraints of being grown up, sell-out ex-punks, posties, consideration to others whilst being drunk, love, war, shopping, anarchy, communication, alcohol, sleeping on benches and being glad to be (nearly) alive.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Tony Pubquiz (drums): Manny, Moe & Joe - DICKIES
'Wild' Johnny Clipboard: Is This The Life? - CARDIACS
Sean O'Porno: Paranoid - BLACK SABBATH
Chris 'Felcher' Wheelchair: The Slow Train - FLANDERS & SWAN

What do you think of the current crop of US bands such as Offspring, doing well in the British charts?

If it leads 'The Kids' on to delving into punk, discovering better things, then that's tip-top by me; all the better if THE OFFSPRING stick to their punk rock roots. If, however, they just follow THE CLASH, RANCID, WE'VE GOT A FUZBOX, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, CHUMBAWAMBA etc., and become a load of commercialised, corporate-sucking toss, 'Reaching a wider audience' by becoming meaningless, uninspiring, bland, gutless poo which gets on every 'Now' compilation on every pub jukebox, theme tunes for insipid adverts on the TV, and danced about to by clueless trendies (who wouldn't think twice of kicking a punk's head in) at dire night clubs, then bollocks to the lot of 'em...The shallow, sell-out bastards.

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

I couldn't be happier being the age I am today (28 going on 31/2.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Never been better. Plymouth is punk rock city these days. There's a regular gig collective (Sweary Promotions) and attendance at punk gigs is usually around 200 people at a time. The age-range is wide too, there are the new kids on the block, supporting the likes of FARCE, NO COMPLY, THANKS BUT NO THANKS, SPRINGBORED, NAKED FARM and THE NATURAL DISASTERS, while the old farts are still hanging in there, along with BATEMAN, TREACLE SHEEP, TERMINAL VIRGIN an them pesky BUS STATION LOONIES. There's plenty of unity and support at this precise moment - I really hope we can achieve the previously unheard of, and make it last. Visiting bands and new faces - always welcome; we're a friendly bunch.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Like I've said, there's a whole cavalcade of compilation projects in the pipeline; gig wise we're doing a fee wee local jaunts with Brighton Beat sensations ANAL BEARD in July: 14th @ the Vic Bars (Newquay), 15th @ Drifwood Spas (St Agnes), 16th @ The Parrot (Torquay) and 17th @ Tramps (Plymouth). Hopefully, there'll be several trips to various punk picnics (as long as we can get all 4 of us together in one place for long enough! Always a huge problem for gigs outside Devon and Cornwall. I expect we'll do a bit of ruining one or two eclipse festivals around the 10/11/12 September. We're always up for gigging, as long as the others ain't working! (call Chris on 01822 610555 or leave a message.

Any final comments?

Thank you, Rebecca, for making us fell we've something worthwhile to say on the world wide web - and proving we haven't! All the best to you (and all other punkers) who believe in the power of communication! If anyone wants to get in touch with THE BUS STATION LOONIES, for whatever reason, you best bet at the moment, is to write (sorry, geekpunx!) to us @

Old Forge Cottage
PL19 8RY

A SAE or IRC is always appreciated

Wild Johnny's currently sweating over the LOONIES' website, and there should be an e-mail address when the computer stops being a bugger. We'll be sure to let you know through PUNK & OI IN THE UK. Meanwhile, have fun and uppa da punx! Love 'n' Laughs, Chris xxx

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