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Bullet Kings Interview


How has the first year of the Bullet Kings gone?

Carl, amazing, I couldn't have wished for a better year, it has been so productive and very enjoyable

Andy, brilliant, we've had so much to do with gigging and recording but had such a laugh also.

Wilf , Absolutely great. We have been so busy yet it hasn’t seemed that way. I have enjoyed every minute of it.!

How did the band members all meet? At one point did you decide to form a band and how long did it take to your first gig? have you all been in other bands, if so what?

Andy, we met through playing in other bands and are actually 3/4 of Oi outfit Churchill but i would like to point out the The Bullet Kings sound nothing like Churchill, we formed The Bullet Kings quite by chance really when we did an impromptu gig as a 3 piece due to the singer from Churchill not being able to do the gig, Wilf took over on vocals and The Bullet Kings had done their first gig, we enjoyed it so much that we rehearsed as a 3 piece and found that without the restrictions of being an Oi band could really do what ever we wanted..........Other bands “Left 4 Dead” and “Warzone”.

Carl, AFS, Worm, both bands are still together

Wilf, Andy has said it all, Other Bands “Intensive Care” (not the recorded ones) and The Restricted

You have had 2 Ep's out so far - how have they been received? And what is the biggest compliment you have heard about the band?

Carl, very well indeed, and for me the compliment was, “this should be Carls main project” Anochoi Zine

Andy, The reviews have all been great and not just from the Punk scene, we've had reviews from a lot of Metal/Rock fanzines and sites which have all been very complimentary............for me the biggest compliment has been from Charlie Harper after a support slot we did when he said we made him sick because we were so good " Praise indeed "

Wilf, We have had good feedback from our audiences too. The best I heard was from the promoter at The Hope and Anchor. He said we were the tightest 3 piece he has seen. Unless he was on about our Bar bill.

I believe you have secured a 2 year record deal - how has this come about and what does it mean to the band? What advice would you offer other bands just starting out?

Carl, I just asked, and gave good reasons why we should have a album deal, its all about telling the record company what you can do for them, gone are the days of expecting it all to happen for you. Prove you are hard working and moving your band forward and can think for yourselves.

Andy, As Carl say's he just sold the band to the label and they went with it, to get worldwide distribution on our first album is awesome but the hard work begins when we have to back it up with the Live performances...........my advise to other bands would be to believe in what you do and rehearse as much as possible.

Wilf, I still can’t believe it. I cant wait to see the finished product, after all the hard work that has gone into it. All bands should maintain that belief and not compromise on the music just to secure a deal. Work hard at getting what you want.

When is your album due out and what can people expect in terms of sound and subject matter? If you were writing a review of it how would it go?

Carl, it is released in shops in November, and if I had to write a review it would have to say, “I didn’t expect that!”

Andy, November, it covers all aspects of day to day life, mostly about our own experiences and is full of great slices of tuneful punk rock. As for a review I would say "a must listen to all ".

Wilf, Think November, I am not sure where all our inspirations come from, but we cover a rich and varied subject matter. My review of it would be “sit back, play loud and enjoy”.

What are your thoughts on the internet revoloution?

Carl, the best thing to happen to bands, you can be your own manager/promotion team

Andy, Great for contacts and networking....this is where we get 90% of our gigs from

Wilf, It has opened up so many avenues for sites such as your own, promoters, bands, venues, etc…

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

Carl, too many to mention

Andy, " Born a rocker die a rocker" need I say anymore!!

Wilf, “ Its only the children of the fucking wealthy who tend to be good looking” Stranglers From Ugly.

What is the punk/oi scene like in your area and how can you see it changing?

Carl, Manc seems to have a good scene if a little insular,

Andy, Manchester is very insular as Carl say's but we are making inroads with our live performances to break down the barriers

Wilf, There are a few good venues, but it tends to be the same few bands playing to the same few people. Makes for a good scene but not much room to expand…

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.
Carl, yeah loads, just how it should be

Andy, The gig list is looking very healthy with at least 4 gigs in Scotland as well as lots of local stuff but we still want more so if there's anybody out there interested please give us a shout..........there are another 8/10 songs already being rehearsed and we hope to release a live cd quite quickly after the album in November.

Wilf, we try to play as often as possible and our current gig list reflects that. We are already rehearsing material for a follow up album and will be playing the new material very soon.
Any final comments?

Carl, Check the myspace site out myspace.com/thebulletkings

Andy, Come and see us gig and I promise you won't be disappointed

Wilf, If you come and see us, make yourselves known to us and have a chat. Your all important to us.

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